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  petition for tomato head
Posted by: Addy - Yesterday, 3:40 AM - Forum: PR2 Suggestions - Replies (3)

i found this old petition for a tomato head in pr3, but why dont we make it pr2!

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  steal the pr3 crying baby song
Posted by: ThePizzaEater1000 - Yesterday, 12:04 AM - Forum: PR2 Suggestions - Replies (4)



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  bye gabe
Posted by: AlphaZ - 14th January 2021, 11:46 PM - Forum: Blogs - Replies (3)

Someone did it a second time.
[Image: RKQmCvg.png]

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  Pr2's Evolution/Retired Legends/Staff Legends
Posted by: Fam93 - 14th January 2021, 6:02 PM - Forum: Platform Racing 2 - Replies (6)

Old Generation

For those of you new players who aren't familiar with how things used to be in pr2, and who all the old players are that used to macro/sim in this game, allow me to reminisce these characters' past, and disclose some Pr2 gemstones from my perspective. These guys are best known for reaching Rank 50+ back in 2008/2009, gaining an unfair advantage over all the other players who were noobs just starting out. 

Think about this for a moment... when you first started playing this game, you had no idea what simming was, experience bonuses, macroing, or anything else of that nature. Also, even if you did figure the game out on your own, look at how long it took you just to rank up your own accounts without some sort of quick boost. The Martians may have unknowingly zapped your brain, leaving you in the dark wondering 'why am I so bad at this game? They're level 52 with 6 hats and I'm level 20 with 3 hats! I quit!'

Well it's not that you were bad at the game, it's just that you haven't discovered the gemstones yet.

It has also become apparent that you had to speak with one of the top rankers in order to understand what it is that you're doing wrong. You're just sitting there at your computer desk, dazed and confused as to how this game even works in the first place, and unless you asked someone if they can help you rank your account to a high level, you'd be sitting there looking stupid and scratching your head for hrs, wondering how can I get to level 50. 

If you started this game off during 2008-2009, asking yourself 'how ranking up fast even works in this game'? Then this is how the game looked like to you when you first started out, wondering how to rank up, fast!


When you created your first account and signed into this game, you had to piggyback off a higher rank, aka your big brother/sister, to level up because you obviously don't understand the mechanics and tricks to this game. It's like your first year of college where you know absolutely nothing! Not to mention [email protected] was a nightmare seeing as 80% of people were asking for +3, crown and cowboy hats. You know your graphics card was crappy af! You were the one folding a pathetic amount of 2k a WU, taking you months to get that hat! You had to ask someone for help!

You sit there at that computer, wishing you had 6 hats with a rank of 50 because you thought it would increase your popularity and help you gain respect from other players, or even worse- you're tripping over 1.6m exp pts because someone got jealous of you when you reached 46, and gave you rank 49 with +3 fold, and just STOPPED the folding process at 1k pts, just to screw with you! That pissed you off! Why not continue, right?! 

Or better yet, how about when your leaching days ran out on you and you had to start figuring out how to level your REALLY low alts up, while you're stuck at level 54 for example. You know that stings like a Japanese bee!

1.6m is nothing to you now of days, but back then, you were grinding your teeth to the bone, pacing back and forth asking yourself, 'how am I going to find time to do this'? Because when you were younger, you may have had parents STOP you from leaving your pc on, or your alt's were terrible af, giving you poor experience results... YUCK!

Anyways, you remember how you were back in 2008/2009, being jealous of the older players who somehow managed to increase their ranks extremely high, while you sit there in front of your computer, looking stupid and making rookie mistakes like downloading cheat engine to hopefully solve your problems. Reality says 'start grinding like everyone else because 9/10, you're not going to reach 50+ anytime soon'.  

But hey, on the other hand we all know that these characters didn't just sim/macro in this game if you know what I mean.. *COUGH*! 👀 This was also back when people were asking for passwords in PM's, just so they can piggyback off them and get ahead.

But hey, we all know that security was VERY poor back then, and when you did get banned, you'd ban evade and keep braking the rules because you had rank goals! Then there were those of you who wanted your name in blue or magenta/pink because not only did you want to get promoted, you got sick and tired of having the same turquoise name color. Not to mention you wanted power and authority over your friends... *COUGH*, people still do!

Back when you used to hate the mods/admins because you thought they were totally unfair and biased! You probably wanted to sit there in front of your computer screen, choking on your bowl of cereal because you got banned for macroing. That's not the point. The point is to remind you how things used to be back then, and what has improved over the years. Now I'm not going to go over the UAX disaster because we all know how that happened.

Now back to what I was saying... These guys were already well ahead of everyone else, and you used to sit there at that computer, glued to your seat, sucking your thumb wondering how can I get up there one day. You had to suck the life out of a Rank 50, when you were Rank 30, just to meet your goal. But hey, we're all guilty of it, I'm guilty of it... there's no shame at all. Except that one player who reached Rank 50 legitimately, with no rank tokens, simming or macroing/botting at all!

So now, here are the Retired Legends from 2008-2009 that you used to look up to, to gain hidden knowledge of (what used to be) the undiscovered mechanics and tricks to gain experience, and piggyback off! These guys were either rank 50+, or their alts/main accounts were.

Old Rank Legends
Rank 67 [Total: 1]

Rank 64 [Total: 3]

Rank 62 [Total: 1]

Rank 60 [Total: 2]

Rank 59 [Total: 1]

Rank 58 [Total: 1]

Rank 57 [Total: 1]

Rank 55 [Total: 5]
Farticus Rex

Rank 54 [Total: 3]
PLAYA 1 jr

Rank 53 [Total: 2]

Rank 52 [Total: 4]

Rank 51 [Total: 3]

Rank 50 [Total: 3]
[email protected]*G

Total Accounts: 30

Now Unfortunately since I can only upload a maximum of 500KB worth of videos (which is weak af), here's a link instead, to how some of the older players macroed back in the day, just to give you a demonstration:

Now here are a few old legendary servers that people used to use.


Servers [Total: 10]

Now here are several old staff legends who managed Pr2 back in 2008-2010.

Staff [Total: 31]
[email protected]*G
Aimyus Ghost
Red Jackdaw
Now here are a few folding legends.
OLD [email protected] LEGENDS

[email protected] [Total: 6]
Fresh Cookies
Now at this point, I bet you're thinking- why is this important? It's important because you need to know your history, otherwise you'll enter this game, completely oblivious as to how this game started out.

🔥The Passing of The Torch!🔥
Now at this point in time, you should be thanking these people for helping you achieve your current goals today because had it not been for them who started it all, we wouldn't have such victorious admins/mods like bls1999, Eternal, DangevinStxtics, etc. Also, you wouldn't have new legends like Colind, AlphaZ, fdx3, Master Raiden, and many others leading the new generation of today. Oh and don't forget to give the folders who helped you reach your rank goals, a shoutout as well!
These people represent the passing of the torch because the old staff legends and rank legends, simply couldn't do it anymore.
The torch officially passed away to these people between 2011-2013. Until the day comes when they can no longer continue, this torch will remain lit until someone else outranks Colind, or someone takes bls1999/Eternal's spot as the main Admin!


Just imagine if you never had the DM Glitch, Objective Simming, Rank Tokens +4-8, Macroing, or any other accounts to piggyback off of! You'd be devastated, and that torch would have lasted a lot longer than 2013! Or even worse... crappy graphics cards that you had over 10 years ago, and I know most of you were folding a lot less than 50k per WU. Or no guilds to help support you in any form or fashion at all!

Also, just imagine if the Pr2 site crashed again, and captcha was added back to the game, forcing you to sit in front of the computer with your eyes burned out, attempting to reach 100m experience points when you know you have to go to work or school!
Or how about this: you use to complain about how 10m experience points was a lot, or even 1mil! What you have now is only because you evolved over the years as an older player, or if you're new, you either piggybacked/gained hidden knowledge from the new torch owners, to advance to a higher rank. Not to mention that Rank 50/60+ is virtually nothing to you, when it was hardly achievable back then!
New torch holders 2010+: pat yourselves on the back for continuing to grind and grow stronger over time. You know you've come a long way since your first account.
Newbies: keep learning from these guys so that you can gain more knowledge and stay humble to make it to their level some day.

Anyways, that's all I had to say about Pr2's evolution from then and now. Enjoy this thread as I probably won't be making anymore threads like this because there's really not much left to talk about.

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  It's been awhile
Posted by: Gram alt - 14th January 2021, 9:43 AM - Forum: Blogs - Replies (4)

Hi everyone!

Since I left Jiggmin, I've been building a company called Cowbelly. We were previously a publishing company and now we've pivoted into original meme creation. 

Our two primary outlets are:

Recently I found Discord to be a great tool to facilitate a workplace, and we use the service to do all of our work. The other day I realized how formative my time spent chatting on PR2 contributed to my community building skills. Jiggmin shaped what Cowbelly is today, in a big way.

I'd like to apologize for the way I left with the artifact business, and specifically to Ben for the mess I created during the creation of jiggmin2. It was an immature way to say goodbye. 

It's pretty remarkable the impact this community has left on its users. Platform Racing 2 was created in 2008, and here I am posting this 13 years later. There's something special about Jiggmin, and I've never been able to place my finger on exactly what it is. 

I hope you all are well. 


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  Favorites List <3
Posted by: Overbeing - 13th January 2021, 12:22 AM - Forum: Platform Racing 2 - Replies (2)

If a level isn't on a profile I remember or on a campaign or ATB list, it can get pretty buried, but we have been gifted with a favorites list. And I want to know what  some of your favorite levels are.
Post your favorite list here. What hidden gem went undiscovered? What classic level needs to be remembered? What new innovative level do people need to play?
I'm trying not to include levels that are on the ATB list or current campaign because they are easy to find.
This isn't a try my level thread, but including a level or two that you made is perfectly acceptable.
If possible, please include level name, level maker, and level code. You can get this info by clicking on the ? (more info) button on the level, then clicking the share level button.

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  Offline LE / App
Posted by: Kurt - 12th January 2021, 3:33 AM - Forum: PR2 Suggestions - Replies (1)

Make offline level editing/importing to online happen. Convenient because if you don't have a connection temporarily or the server randomly goes down for maintenance you want to be able to still make levels. Second, a mobile app of level editing would be great. Third, a big one but mobile implementation of platform racing 2 for Android and IOS platforms.


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  Status of Browser Play
Posted by: bls1999 - 11th January 2021, 10:11 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

I just installed a plugin called Ruffle on JV. This is a WIP by a team of very talented developers aiming to restore flash functionality to web browsers.

Since the plugin is still in its infancy, there are many things that don't work properly. This thread has a rundown of what works and what doesn't. I'll continue to update it as new builds of Ruffle are added to the site; however, since it would be extremely tedious for me to go back and examine every game after every new Ruffle release, please check on your favorite games every now and then to see if the functionality has changed from my notes.

General Notes

  • Nothing past Platform Racing works (including the JV bubbles and [email protected] team banner). This is because Ruffle doesn't support AS3 yet.
  • No multiplayer games work.
  • Lots of textures and shading are broken or unstable (i.e., sometimes the screen will flash at random times).
  • Many of the "" intro screens don't show the website text or have trouble displaying the pixel effects.
  • Some text buttons are difficult to click (you have to put your mouse over the actual text of the button rather than where you'd expect the hit area to be)
  • Right-click menus are replaced by Ruffle.
  • Most high-score submission is broken.
  • Text selection seems to be broken in most instances.
  • Most sound and quality-based controls are broken (e.g., volume sliders, mute buttons, low/med/high quality selection)

Games that run flawlessly w/ some minor graphical/sound glitches:
  • Red Earth
  • Cooties – difficult to control the character due to a graphical glitch with one of the arms
  • Mines
  • The Game of Disorientation – the spikes flash pretty weirdly. High score submission still works on this one!
  • Rolley Ball – sound doesn't stop after death
  • Orbit – slight graphical impurities on the stars

Games that can be completed, despite major graphical/sound glitches:
  • Red Earth II – animations/sounds remain in an infinite loop, graphical decay occurs

Games that can't be completed but can still be played:
  • Uber Breakout – can't progress past level 1, the music stops when the level should progress
  • Uber Breakout 2 – game flashes uncontrollably on the loading screen (if you're able to press play, you'll encounter a skewed screen and the same problems as Uber Breakout)
  • Uber Pool – same problems as Uber Breakout

Games that don't work at all:

  • 16 Jan 2021: Red Earth's textures have been fixed.

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  Graphics Cards for better folding results!
Posted by: Fam93 - 11th January 2021, 1:46 PM - Forum: Folding at Home - Replies (13)

What's sup, everybody. So apparently I'm noticing a lot of people surpass 💯💰 in [email protected] points, and I was actually thinking about tagging along to show support. But here's the problem... I don't know exactly what graphics card I need to be able to fold crazy amounts of points everyday because the last thing I want is to be folding anything less than at least 500k.

So if any of the best and fastest folders on here, wants to give me a little run around as to what graphics cards I need to be able to fold a gargantuan amount of points, and what prices I'm going to be running into, give me a shoutout. Just give me a range from cheapest to most expensive, and more like what the folding points per WU would result in, if I were to get a certain graphics card.

Oh and let me know what computer you're running as well, so I'll know what to get and what not to get!

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Posted by: MoonFiredk - 11th January 2021, 8:17 AM - Forum: Platform Racing 2 - Replies (4)

I think there might be a thread of it already, but shouldn't there be a use of the guilds? A leaderboard with most gps earned total, and other cool features? A Guild shop, where the leader/co owners, could spend Gps, which affect the whole guild? Like As an example, 100.000 Guild Points, could give a set for the whole guild. Or Like 10.000 Guild Points, for a rank token for a month? Something like that? Other feature could also be cool, but I think Guilds need something. Ohh and last thing I would like to point out. When Gps is spent, it will of course remove the gps, but there should be a place, where you can see Total earned Gps <3

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