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Posted by: Rei - 17th July 2021, 12:34 PM - Forum: Welcoming Gates - Replies (2)

I generally dont do these but what the heck, i used to terrorize JV and acid back in the day.. discovered this place and decided to at least leave an imprint of my existence here. I see a lot of familiar names for sure. I'll mostly lurk the programming board in hopes of activity anyways.  Rolleyes

My old JV account is here:

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  CotM: Round #38
Posted by: bls1999 - 11th July 2021, 11:00 PM - Forum: Platform Racing 2 - No Replies

Welcome to Round #38 of Campaign of the Month!

You'll be able to submit your Campaigns on this thread.
Additionally, if you have any levels you'd like to advertise, you can post them here too.


- Do not copy others' submissions.
- Do not include levels that are already in permanent Campaigns or award prizes (i.e. Hat Factory and The Golden Compass cannot be used).
- Try not to include levels that include advanced glitches or maneuvers.
- You are limited to two levels per creator per campaign (this includes any of their accounts).
- Please include Level IDs with your submissions!

You are allowed to include any level in your Campaign that appears on PR2 (including your own); however, all levels must adhere to the PR2 rules (e.g. the level Treasury by PooZy would not adhere to the PR2 rules due to having profanity). Remember: this is the first thing users will see when starting the game!

The contest host has the authority to modify/add rules as they see fit.

Submission Format

PR2 Name: Your PR2 name (the one you want your prize on)
Theme (if applicable): Example
Theme Explanation (if applicable): This is an example campaign.
Level 1: A tutorial level
Level 2: An easy level
Level 3: An easy level
Level 4: A more difficult level
Level 5: A more difficult level
Level 6: A more difficult level
Level 7: A challenging level
Level 8: A challenging level
Level 9: Something really challenging

For more information, please visit the main thread for Campaign of the Month.
Submissions close July 25th, 2021. Happy creating! Big Grin

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  Official PR2 Contests Megathread v3
Posted by: bls1999 - 10th July 2021, 12:33 AM - Forum: Platform Racing 2 - Replies (2)

PR2 has a number of official contests, in which you can compete to earn prestigious prizes! This thread exists to give an overview of all of the contests and to give them a bit more recognition.

Important Links

- View Winners for all Contests (and award prizes if you host one)
- Standards for Contests with Prizes

Currently Active Contests

Campaign of the Month
Create the next PR2 Campaign!
Run by: @bls1999
Awarding: Armor Set (+epic), Thief/Propeller/Crown/Cowboy/Artifact Hats (+epics)

Goliathe Grand Prix Deluxe
A great racing challenge with even greater prizes! In an all-new format!!
Run by: @TRUC
Awarding: Reindeer/Crocodile/Gecko Sets (+epics), Artifact Hat (+epic), EXP

Level of the Week
Each week, a new level is chosen to be the level of the week! See if you can find the artifact!!
Run by: @Dangevin
Awarding: Bubble Set, Dog Set (+epic), EXP

Speedrunner of the Week
Do you have what it takes to be a speed runner? Test your skills!
Run by: @Dexterity
Awarding: Crocodile/Bat Sets (+epics), Epic Blobfish Head, EXP

Trial and Error
A contest with amazing prizes and much fun to be had on the 150 level, 30 trial roller coaster!
Run by: @bi3liu
Awarding: Stick/Bubble/Bat/Brew Sets (+epics), Artifact Hat (+epic), EXP

This thread was recovered from the Web Archive. It was originally posted by Ktost/Jeko on JV. I have updated the thread and posted it here for ease of access.

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  How's your weather?
Posted by: David - 9th July 2021, 6:05 PM - Forum: Discussion Hall - Replies (4)

What's the weather like in your area right now? Feel free to post whenever as your weather changes

Currently where I am the temperature is too damn high

[Image: cSkCyy6.png]

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Music SoundTrack
Posted by: Toisec - 29th June 2021, 5:19 PM - Forum: Platform Racing 2 - Replies (1)

Its possible to upload the Sountrack of PlatformRacing2 to spotify? (sry for my english)

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  What’s good
Posted by: Malice - 29th June 2021, 3:01 PM - Forum: Welcoming Gates - Replies (4)

Heya JV Smile

Used to frequent the original JV back when that was a thing under the name TwoShue. Played PR2 under the same name as well. Had a ton of great times back then with the forum, the ingame chat and the acidchat. I’m just going down memory lane tonight which made me stumble across this site, which I think is a pretty good project, so kudos to whoever made this all happen!

No clue if I’ll be very active on the site, but I joined the discord as well so hopefully I’ll get to talk to yall sometime. Smile

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  Speedrunner of the Week V3 #25
Posted by: Dexterity - 27th June 2021, 3:03 PM - Forum: Platform Racing 2 - Replies (2)

[Image: mWQ9S3o.png]

Welcome to Speedrunner of the Week, a contest tailored for the fastest players in Platform Racing 2! We have the racers, the fast racers, and those who are above them all: Speedrunners. Do you have what it takes to become a Speedrunner?

🔧 How does it work? 🔧
  • Each week a new level is given a target time and expert time for contestants to beat. If you complete the target time you get 1 point added onto your total score. If you are super speedy and also manage to complete the expert time you will gain 1 extra point, bringing your total to 2 just from beating the set times.

  • You can also gain points if you place in a podium spot against your competitors: if you set the fastest time that week you will gain 3 points, if you come in with the second fastest time you will get 2 points, and if you set the third fastest time you will get 1 extra point. Make note however, you will only be granted these podium points if you have beaten the target time.

  • Submissions will close on Sunday 12:00AM EDT. Be sure to convert this time into your own timezone if necessary to avoid any late submissions!
📔 Rules: 📔
  • Any runs that have been posted after the submission date will not be counted for that week. Please note that Sunday 12:00AM EDT is your deadline and not when I post the "submission's closed" comment on the thread.

  • You are allowed to submit as many runs as necessary; you are not just limited to one.

  • You are not allowed to use any form of hacks or TAS in your submitted run, doing so will get you banned from participating in any further SOTW events.

  • Any form of glitching which wasn't intended by the creator of the level will not be allowed. If you are unsure whether a glitch is allowed or not, feel free to ask me in a thread post or through Discord.

  • You are not allowed to involve multiple players in your speedrun. however, you are allowed to have someone spectate you for any assistance purposes such as recording runs.

  • In the event of a level with 'Super Flying Cowboy Mode' (SFCM): unless the level uses this mode as a hat remover or if the level specifically requires the use of SFCM, all runs that have this mode enabled must be reset. Any runs that have this mode enabled when it's prohibited will be voided.

  • You are only allowed to use up to 195 stat points (Rank 45).

  • You are not allowed to use any hats which may affect the time of the speedrun. Hats which you are allowed to use include: Exp Hat, Kong Hat, Party Hat, Jigg Hat, Thief Hat and the Jellyfish Hat.

  • You are allowed to get the stat advantages from any of the stat blocks around the level.

  • Regarding video submissions, only video submissions which have been posted on this thread will be allowed. I will not be accepting any downloadable files as submissions. Please make sure that in your video you are also showing your in-game stats, as well as a clear video on your ending time.
🎁 Prizes! 🎁
  • 10 Points - Crocodile Set (+Epic Upgrades)

  • 20 Points - Epic Blobfish Head

  • 30 Points - 5,000,000 Experience

  • 40 Points - Bat Set (+Epic Upgrades)

  • 50 Points - 10,000,000 Experience
The prize wheel will be rotatable meaning anyone who gets to 50 points is allowed to win the same prizes again!

For any inquiries feel free to message down below or DM me on Discord at Tymbuh#0001.

🌠 Level Selected for This Week: 🌠

Routinize by Shadow Z (6484329)

🎯 Target Time: 🎯

🏆 Expert Time: 🏆

🥇 Previous Winner: 🥇
Master Raiden

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Cool Traps of the Month
Posted by: Addy - 27th June 2021, 12:07 PM - Forum: Platform Racing 2 - Replies (7)

[Image: Q8Ds6v0.jpg]

Introducing Traps of the Month! Just like in Level of the Week, you guys can suggest a trap map by anyone then people then get to vote on the suggested trap maps for the month, and the trap map that wins awards points to whoever suggested the map plus the creator of the map (and potential collab members) Every month, I will post a POLL for all of the submitted trap levels to be voted on by the community. There are no guidelines or themes, just vote on how much fun you had and or liked the maps. 

In order to participate, post in this thread the following:

PR2 Username: 
Level name: 
Level ID:


• Trapmap makers cannot vote for the levels they created.
Must post the actual pr2 username along with the pr2 username that created the map. (lots of alts out there.)
• No level can win multiple times.
• Anything can be suggested, doesn't matter how old the map is.
• Hard map? no problem
One submission per user
• oh and Make sure all submissions adhere to the PR2 and JV rules.



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  Personal Update
Posted by: bls1999 - 25th June 2021, 12:24 PM - Forum: Blogs - Replies (6)

Long time no see! Well, not that long, I guess. I've got tons going on IRL, so JV has taken a backseat to those things. Don't worry, everything is fine, it's just completely eaten all of my time and energy. Adulting, amirite?? 🤪

I'm hoping that, in the second half of the summer, I'll be able to devote some more time to JV/PR2. I'd like to get another major update pushed within the next few months. I'll do my best to keep y'all updated in between it all. Rest assured, I'm not going anywhere and JV isn't going anywhere (RIP original JV, 2006-2015 🙏🏻).

Like always, I'm fairly reachable on Discord. You can also use Contact a Mod or the community ambassadors for JV-related inquiries.

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Big Grin Level of the Week! (PR2)
Posted by: Dangevin - 23rd June 2021, 11:53 PM - Forum: Platform Racing 2 - Replies (37)

Level of the Week finally returns after a multi-year-long hiatus! If you're not familiar with how Level of the Week works, I'll get you updated. Basically every week you guys can suggest your own levels (or someone else's levels) in this thread. If you or your friend's level are made very well and it's fun to play, that level you suggested may win Level of the Week! Want to know how to submit a level? Keep on reading...

How It Works

Simply leave a reply down below listing off a few things. What we'll need to know are...
  • The creator of your submission's PR2 username:
  • Your PR2 username:
  • What the level name is:
  • When the level was last updated:
  • What type of level it is:
  • A description of the level (this one is optional):

The rules for this contest can be found down below in the Rules section of this post. Make sure to read them! After 6 PM CT rolls around on Fridays of each week, submissions for that week are closed, and a new submission period starts for the next week.

Any level can be given the title of Level of the Week.
 However, newer levels are a priority this time around. We'd really like to see you get creative with the new tools added to your arsenal like teleportation blocks, custom stat blocks, or the change made to the moon hat (low gravity baby)!

What we will be doing is every weekend on Sundays, the Judges and I will be playing throughout all the submitted levels made by the users of JV. Once we come to an agreement on what level should win, I will make a post announcing the Level of the Week on the same day. If you see us on during the time we play each level, feel free to join in on the racing!

As for those who are interested in playing each Level of the Week, the winning level that is picked for the week will be where the artifact hat is placed on Thursday's (at varying times so it's fair to everyone living in different time zones). Be quick to play the level and find the artifact first on the given time each week, or miss out on potential big rewards like bonus XP or the elusive Bubble Set!

One very big change that will happen from time to time is the inclusion of something called Theme Weeks. The submission theme for certain weeks will change so that there is more variety from time to time (not all the time though). Examples of Theme Weeks range from Deathmatch Level ThemedArtistic Expression ThemedHoliday Themed, or even Artifact Challenge Themed for weeks where a selection is based around if it would be a good, challenging Artifact to obtain. Some weeks there may be a change to who gets to pick the Level of the Week. Examples of these would be a Staff's Choice WeekCommunity Ambassador's Choice Week, or a Community Choice Week. Be sure to look at this post for updates on when these themes take place as it won't be a common occurrence.

This week's submission deadline is July 2nd by 6 PM CT.


Who would want to compete in a competition without rewards!? (Maybe you just like competition? Hmmm?) Anyway, there are quite a few rewards for those that end up having their level(s) win, and even a reward to those who help submit the winning submission!

  • If you win Level of the Week, you will be rewarded with the elusive Dog Set! This is the only way you'll be able to obtain this set, so keep trying even if you don't win the week you submitted your level!
        What the Dog Set looks like:

        [Image: dogset.gif]
  • If you win Level of the Week two(!!) times, you will be rewarded with 1,000,000 EXP! That might help you level up a bit I'd imagine.

  • If you manage to win Level of the Week three or more(!!!) times, you will be rewarded with 5,000,000 EXP with each additional victory and a place on this post's currently-non-existent Hall of Fame section! If you manage to do earn this reward, all I gotta say is... you make some pretty good levels.

  • If you help submit a winning level (so not your own level, but someone else's), you will be rewarded with the Bubble Set! Thanks for showing off a great level, we appreciate it!
        What the Bubble Set looks like:

        [Image: bubbleset2.gif]

This Week's Winner is...

Dreamland 2 by justinbob100

Past Winners

Week 1: Tundra Troubles by Dexterity
Week 2: Blue Desert by makie98
Week 3: Dreamland 2 by justinbob100
Week 4: To Be Determined!


@Dangevin        (HOST)
@AlphaZ           (JUDGE)
@TRUC             (JUDGE)

Useful Tips

If you have a useful level creating tip thread and you want recognition for it, PM me! I'd love to have your thread or post featured here!

  • You must submit your or someone else's level using the format listed in the How It Works section of this post
  • Levels that are created more recently have a more likely chance of winning since we want to highlight levels that utilize newer features. However, levels made prior to this contest starting up again can win too.
  • You cannot submit trap, frustration, unfinished, or troll/empty submission levels unless specified in a submission theme for a given week (example of troll levels: Just drawing an egg plant in a level containing no blocks and no way of finishing).

  • You must submit your level before Friday at 6 PM CT.

  • You can submit up to 1 level per week.

  • The levels must be submitted on JV via this thread. That way I can sort out which levels the judges play in an easier fashion.

  • Submission changes must be made up by Friday at 3 PM CT. If you'd like to change your submission, please make a post stating what the level you made before was and then what your new submission is now while still following the submission format. Making changes to your submissions after this time will move your submission from that current week's list to next week's list.

  • The submission has to be an original and finished submission. Copied levels will not be accepted and will eventually lead to a banning from the contest and your prizes revoked if given any.

  • If you win this iteration of Level of the Week, you must wait a week before you can win again. (You can still submit a different level from a different creator during this time period however.) The same level cannot win twice.

  • The account you submit must have been online in the last year in order to be eligible to win.

Contact Me

PM Me if you're...
  • dying to ask a question related to Level of the Week

  • interested in judging for Level of the Week (there are complications to this if you're chosen as a judge, which will be discussed)

  • interested in submitting a Level of the Week banner that can be used for this thread

  • interested in making suggestions for the actual Level of the Week contest (related to the thread not levels)

  • interested in suggesting or talking about anything else

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