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Posted by: IcyMind - 29th June 2022, 5:17 AM - Forum: Blogs - Replies (1)

hi, anyone here who plays chess? i play 3-20minutes with no time increments mainly.

satokoaddict96#0011 on discord if you want to arrange a game or two.

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  Consequences! - Time to PAY UP!
Posted by: Different - 28th June 2022, 5:18 PM - Forum: Discussion Hall - Replies (6)

STOP and think for a moment!... Have you ever done something in your life before, that you really wish you shouldn't have done? This could be anything from traveling to a place where you're really not supposed to go to, eating something that you really shouldn't eat, spending money on something that essentially has no value, etc.

Whatever it is you did, you know your conscious told you over and over again, NOT to do it. But when you disobeyed it and did it anyway, you had to suffer the aftermath. Pain, penniless, broken relationships, bad grades, missing computer files, etc. Sometimes, the aftermath could be your life.

Maybe you've had nightmares about something before, where you took the wrong pathway that wasn't met for you. Now, all of a sudden, there's a king cobra snake, waiting to bite the living shit outta you, and you can't get away! You get what I mean, by now.

I'm not going to suggest anything to help you make better decisions; this is more of me just picking your brain, asking you to share your experiences on ANY bad decisions that you regret making in the past. This is a completely, unbiased subject.

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  JV now has a Twitter!
Posted by: bls1999 - 26th June 2022, 8:52 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (3)

Now you have another place to follow us! Smile

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Big Grin Level of the Week: Week 49 Community Voting!
Posted by: Dangevin - 25th June 2022, 8:11 AM - Forum: Platform Racing 2 - No Replies

June 23rd marked the 1 year anniversary of the revival of Level of the Week! Because of this, the community gets to choose which of these 2 levels should win Level of the Week this time around.

Make sure to play each level before deciding. Please choose wisely!!

Which level should win:

Cola Traps by Eyyy Cola


Time of Death by makie98

Voting ends Monday, June 27th at 12 PM CT  Big Grin

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  Gravity Block
Posted by: jalgzonda - 25th June 2022, 7:10 AM - Forum: PR2 Suggestions - Replies (2)

Gravity Block

[Image: HMWQfmg.png]

Function: Change gravity levels. Unlike the moon hat and the level's preset gravity. This block allows you to change gravity during the level.

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  VOTING: CotM Round 46
Posted by: Eternal - 24th June 2022, 8:34 PM - Forum: Platform Racing 2 - No Replies

Here are our finalists for round #45 of Campaign of the Month!

Theme by Author

- The Time Campaign by @Addy
- The Massive Worlds Campaign by @Justinbob100

@Addy and @Justinbob100 must abstain from voting.

All votes will go through a verification process. Fraudulently placed votes will result in disciplinary action including (but not limited to) disqualification of campaign/vote, suspension of participation/voting privileges, and PR2 disciplinary action.

For a sample judging scheme, you can see @bls1999's judging streams on YouTube.
Voting closes on July 1st. Thanks!

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  MUSIC - No more melodies!
Posted by: Different - 23rd June 2022, 8:22 AM - Forum: Multimedia Masterpieces - Replies (8)

Think about your favorite song artist for a minute. Gather every song that you love to listen to, and ask yourself what they all have in common. In case you may not know what that is... it's that they have all sampled their music before. Do you know why that is? It's because they hear a famous piece from another famous composer or unknown composer, and would like to use it.

Sometimes, people create samples, not knowing that they've just copied another song; then they turn around and get sued. Do you realize how much talent you would need to create a song or even a unique melody that's far different from the greats? A lot of talent and training to excel to those levels.

But, my question is, do you think we'll ever run out of melodies, or are there various techniques that we can use at our disposal to reshape the way we think about writing a song? This can be from chord progressions, melody patterns, etc. Even though there are only 12 keys on the keyboard, people have been able to interpret the significant meaning behind those keys, over time.

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  Bubble Racing
Posted by: Camer the Dragon - 22nd June 2022, 7:31 PM - Forum: Jiggmin Games - Replies (3)

New bubble racing content omg Eek, I don't know when this is from but Ashley told me about it

NOTE: I think this is essentially an alpha build so there will be a lot of bugs

NOTE 2: As Northadox has pointed out, a better version is at where you can change your avatar, its name and a lot of the bugs are fixed

Gameplay Features:
- Level Editor
- Solo Races
- Upgrades to Char (Fixed order)
- Can find other Chars to unlock in levels, find a treasure chest you have enough keys to open and stay on it, then finish the level to collect char (note, the sprite for the char that follows you isn't necessarily the char that you'll get) (In dev ver, each char has diff max stats)
- Customisable Char (Dev ver)
- Many stage obstacles: Crumbles take time to break, Planks you push out the way, Whirlpools suck you in, Jellyfish make you go fast but you lose control of your char, Ink slows you down
- Saves most recent time to a level (not best but most recent)
- Stats: "Speed, Toughness, Luck"
- Autopilot, literally just plays the game for you and knows the route out of the maze

Known Bugs:
- Audio bugs (crispy) (Fixed in dev ver)
- Up arrows turn into Right Arrows in LE (from what I've seen of the 1st 2 levels there might not be an up arrow in the game yet?) Also, yep there's a Level Editor (Fixed in dev ver)
- All current arrows from what I see act as right arrows, no matter what they visually are (Fixed in dev ver)
- There is a softlock I found, 2 right arrows in a row doesn't let you pass into the block of the leftmost right arrow when coming from the right, so if the 2nd right arrow had a block above, below and to the right you get softlocked (Fixed in dev ver)
- The game will always have you play as your most recently unlocked char, even if you selected another char to race as
- Time displayed at end of level will always say "0:45"
- If you use keys it will says "Keys + -1" or something instead of "Keys - 1" (Honestly this isn't really a bug) (Broken in dev ver, now it says -- which is a double negative)

Dev Version Bugs:
- Going into level editor as a guest makes colours 3-6 black on a customised character
- Exiting out of and reloading the game makes all colours black on a customised character
- Unsure if this is in the JV2 ver but I would assume so, sometimes hitting a jellyfish and then hitting a wall at a certain angle clips you through the wall

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  I am an happy
Posted by: Matt - 22nd June 2022, 10:09 AM - Forum: Blogs - Replies (2)

I am an happy because late ly mine family has been Frown becaus e of an person who died. But now life is an good but aslo brcuase I like jiglim formans

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  [Finished] PR2 Live Stream – June 23, 2022
Posted by: bls1999 - 22nd June 2022, 1:39 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Stay tuned for a PR2 live stream happening on Thursday (June 23) at 8:30pm EDT! (countdown)

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