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  Top Stats Cosmetic Update
Posted by: bls1999 - Yesterday, 10:22 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (2)

I made some edits to the top stats module in an attempt to make it look more like old JV's version. If you encounter any problems, let me know.

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  Sudden Community GUI change.
Posted by: FlashRock - Yesterday, 8:48 PM - Forum: Blogs - Replies (2)

Was idle on the site and saw this. This is odd.

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  Congrats, ZXD!
Posted by: bls1999 - Yesterday, 2:48 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (7)

New Trial Mod!


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  send help
Posted by: Blank - 19th October 2018, 10:06 PM - Forum: Blogs - Replies (1)

So around a week ago, my girlfriend spontaneously decided to add the letter "U" at the end around half of her words, justU like thisU.
Neither of us had ever said anything about it, yet I followed doing something similar by typing "uwu" at the end of every sentence. It was an unspoken rule.
Out of nowhere, she decides to stop doing it, and I am alarmed. Should I be worried? Is there something wrong? Should I mention it? Should I ask if there's something wrong? Why did she stop? Should I keep adding "uwu" to the end of all my sentences? Should I stop?

i'm a well adjusted member of society i swear

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  Difficulties of a Motley Nature
Posted by: bls1999 - 18th October 2018, 2:21 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Bad news: I recorded a different style of Motley Monday video back on Monday, but there's an issue with the quality of the video so I need to delay it for a bit. :/

Good news: we might actually get a Motley Monday video on a Monday next week!

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Heart Anyone here a fan of Undertale?
Posted by: Battlealvin2009 - 17th October 2018, 11:48 AM - Forum: Discussion Hall - Replies (1)

Hi! I had created a full Undertale recreation in Platform Racing 2, it took me two years just to flesh out the ideas - (1) How to transpose elements from that game to this game; (2) how geographically-wise my level would be; (3) how should each boss battle behave; (4) should I include multiple endings, if so, then how; (5) how can I make it so that it is fun. It took me another year to actually craft the level itself.

1. I decided to use a faithful adaption of the source material, to cram every minuscule detail into my level, and it has to make sense. For example, I had changed the annoying rock you encountered in the ruins to the yellow-block-pushing-in-the-water-maze; or pushing yellow blocks (as flowers in Waterfall) to form a bridge. I am hoping that I have created every single scene in my level that would be recognizable and could be compared to.

2. During the developmental phase, I was thinking of whether I could add the River-person in so that the player could visit Snowdin, Waterfall and Hotlands at anytime during the level. However, as it soon turned out, my level had gotten so huge that it reached the block limit, forcing me to scrap that at the last minute. Then I had to relocate my entire level so that the start of the level is at the most top-left position, in order for me to keep building my level forward. As Undertale is a "linear" game going mostly from left to right, I had figured out that I would do the same here. The problem is that the area in where you can place blocks has limitations, so I cleverly figured out a solution to rotate the player twice and have the player go "in reverse", but they would still feel like going in the "right" direction.

3. For Toriel, her attacks were strong and seemingly unavoidable at first, but will then get weaker as the battle progresses. Hence, I created some unavoidable mine blocks at the start, and then decrease the number of mines as the battle goes on. For Papyrus, I made the whole boss battle a safety net level, so that when the player got hit, they'd be sent back to the last safe spot (which I named "the garage"). For Undyne, I made the battle simpler due to her complexity in the games: I put brick blocks under rotating blocks to simulate the different arrows thrown at the player. For Mettaton, I made a brick-shooting laser minigame, followed by a Hat-Factory-drop section, and at last a disco section. Unfortunately, due to the block limit, I could only stuff in these four bosses, and with that, I realised that I would have to create multiple endings leading to different levels based on the outcome that you had chosen. And that leads to...

4. How on earth do I even start? Given that the only item I could provide the player is the laser, I would need to make good use of it. I thought and thought, and I finally came up with this: The player would be given a laser at the end of each boss, and if you decide to kill it instead of sparing it, you'd have to shoot those lasers pointing at brick blocks. I have created 12 brick blocks that you have to shoot. The Genocide ending would unlock only if you had shot all 12 of them. The neutral ending would be shooting some but not all of the bricks, this makes the player fall down into an area which unlocks the Neutral ending. And the pacifist ending would be unlocked by not breaking any break blocks. I have tested this feature after I had implemented them and found that they all work as intended.

5. Finally. Having fun. I tried to make the level as interesting as possible, adding different level genres (no traps though) into the mix (be on the lookout for a surprise quiz show!), and creating a genuinely a fun experience for you all. They are a mix of being easy, challenging and maybe sometimes clever.

Last but not least, I am inviting all of you who came across my post to be my first beta-testers of this level! You could provide some feedback: whether I should add more dialogue, change this, change that, whether this makes sense or just simple improvements in general. The level title is Undertale the game by alvinalvinau, with the passcode being "Hello".

P.S: I am sorry that I could not add any art whatsoever to it. The level will crash if there are too many artwork (I had tried that before, it was not fun) in there so I simply painted backgrounds in certain areas and that's it.

Bonus: Here's a clip featuring the beta-version of this level that was present two years ago:

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  Discord Rich Presence
Posted by: Stxtics - 17th October 2018, 9:29 AM - Forum: Platform Racing Forever - Replies (11)

If you are unaware of what Discord rich presence information can be found here.

Now I think this would be a great addition for PRF for multiple reasons:

  • Allows users to watch others race (if spectating was added) .
  • Allows users to make parties (i will give info on this later).
  • Helps to promote PRF.
An idea of how this would work would be that someone can click on a user and if they are in a race it will allow them to spectate is. Obviously not everyone would want that so there could be an in-game option where you can set if you want to allow people to spectate you. 

This is kind of a suggestion by itself but basically what I was thinking is that you can make a party like most games have and the leader can bring everyone in the party into a race. With discord rich presence a user can click ask to join if a user has there party set to open. This would bring a little popup on the users game saying name#0001 wants to join your party. Then they could allow them to or decline it. If PRF will have an ingame friends system then if someone you have added has you added as well they can just join your game. If your game was set to invite only then the ask to join would not appear on your discord profile similar to how not allowing people to spectate would work. Whether your game is invite only or not you could invite people to your game through discord, or by sending them an invite in PRF. 

Pretty self explanatory really. If lots of people have this set to there game and are in other servers someone might see it and recognise the name of the game and decide to play it. Or they might just think it looks like a good game. 
There would also be information about the game on it. For example:
[Image: Wfnmbbx.png]

Here is some examples of how it would looks (based off PR2)
[Image: G0ugZny.png][Image: v9LS0Gh.png][Image: lwEh18D.png]
[Image: cFOosyZ.png]

There is a slight downside to having discord rich presence though and that is that PRF would have to be a downloadable game that you run on your computer and not browser based. Obviously it could still have the function to be playable in browsers but it would just mean that rich presence would not be available. 

If you think I might have missed anything about this or have any other suggestions related to what I have said leave a reply below and I will update this thread if needed.

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  My vision
Posted by: fliker2 - 17th October 2018, 6:20 AM - Forum: Coding and Development - Replies (7)

This is a game i'm currently working on and it's developed in Game Maker: Studio (like a normal person)

I also plan on making an online multiplayer, but i'm kinda bad at multiplayer and besides i'm used to Scratch and it's cloud data/mesh

Here is a screenshot (and sorry for the bad quality, i have a bad graphics driver):


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  im back..
Posted by: Azyku - 17th October 2018, 1:30 AM - Forum: Welcoming Gates - Replies (5)

hi it's me azyku, formerly known as zamazing. did y'all miss me? Smile

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Frown Again banned from Scratch
Posted by: fliker2 - 16th October 2018, 1:16 PM - Forum: Blogs - Replies (7)

Evening 16.10.2018 (probably 20:30 +2 GMT) i got IP banned and probably completely banned from Scratch...

This huge loss of a big account made me fall into depression for 15 minutes.

If you have an idea of what should i do, post it down below.
I may also post the MIT's phone number if no one has a working idea.

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