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Posted by: LCPD - Yesterday, 1:48 PM - Forum: Blogs - Replies (1)

i understand at some point in time, someone saw a bug on a bed, and just thought im going to name them bedbugs, yeah that makes sense, now who the hell named cockroaches.

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  INCIDENT (30/Mar/2024): CaM Data Breach
Posted by: bls1999 - 20th May 2024, 11:12 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Hello all, I'm writing to inform you that Jiggmin's Village recently suffered a small data breach.

What happened?

On March 30, 2024, an admin was modifying permissions for a new usergroup on JV. In the process, access to Contact a Mod and some other staff forums was granted to a few users that would've been added to the new usergroup, but otherwise wouldn't have access to the aforementioned protected information.

We've gathered the following statistics associated with this incident.

The number of threads that were accessed was 26. Of those 26 threads, there were:
- 2 fully exposed email addresses (high tier)
- 1 partially exposed email address (medium-high tier)
- 2 ban appeals (medium tier)
- 2 anonymous user reports (medium tier)
The rest of the threads had no sensitive information (low tier).

By the numbers:
- Unauthorized users that accessed these threads: 2 (1 of whom accessed the threads containing email addresses).
- Users whose threads were accessed: 19
- Threads accessed that were created in the 2024 calendar year: 8
- Total time this information was visible to unauthorized users: less than 24 hours

Was I affected?

If you were affected by this incident, I've bumped your thread in Contact a Mod with more information and next steps. If your thread wasn't bumped, this incident did not impact you.

What next?

If you were affected by this incident, please accept my sincerest apologies. This is not what you should expect from us, and not at all the experience we want you to have.

Since this incident, we've taken steps to ensure changes to usergroups and permissions are made only when absolutely necessary, and only using the proper procedures.

We will continue to take every precaution to safeguard this sensitive data in the future. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact an admin.

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  DIY 🛠️⚒️⛏️
Posted by: Different - 17th May 2024, 10:40 PM - Forum: Discussion Hall - No Replies

[Image: dJpJibn.jpeg]

We’re living in a culture now where the DIY movement is so monumentally significant. I mean, if you pay attention to the AVERAGE PRICES of a plumbing job (which varies heavily on the type of work you need done), they could very well range up to thousands of dollars to get it fixed. This is why most of us are always looking for side-contractors who will offer reasonably, low-cost prices to get the job done for us. When you’re the type of person who is making less than at least 60k annually, you can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on house repairs (depending upon your situation) because most contractors charge an “arm and a leg”.

People will always be in need of something to get fixed, no matter what it is. As long as you’re highly skilled in fixing something, then you will always be useful for something. This allows you to build a track record of financial success because you’re the expert that people heavily depend on. But if they can do it themselves, and they’re disciplined enough to save money, then they won’t call you. Thankfully, most people aren’t like this. If you’re the type of person who’d rather not get their hands dirty, then you’ll end up paying somebody to do it for you; unless you’re frugal with your money. Here are common, daily things that people call a handyman for:
  • Roofing
  • Plumbing
  • Painting
  • Landscaping
  • Electricity
  • Flooring
  • Furnace
  • Drywall repairs
  • Air conditioning
  • Auto mechanic services

Now these are just common things that people deem as a necessity to get fixed from time to time. Some of these things you could probably learn how to do yourself depending on whether you need to take up a trade and gain skills or not. A lot of people nowadays don’t like to put in the work, so they’d rather spend thousands of dollars paying someone to do a job that they could probably learn themselves. Things like roofing and plumbing, I personally wouldn’t touch myself, and would rather hire a contractor assuming I have the money. But simple, handyman jobs like landscaping and painting, I’ll learn through trial and error.

Some people just behave so lackadaisically when it comes to doing things themselves; especially ones who were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Bottom line: if it looks simple, and you don’t want to squander excessive amounts of money on a contractor who may charge you unfairly… then learn how to do it yourself. Same statement can be made about fixing computers as well.

THESE are simplistic things that people don’t need to call a professional for.

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  Add Coyote Time to PR4
Posted by: Camer the Dragon - 13th May 2024, 1:54 PM - Forum: PR4 Suggestions - Replies (4)

I don't know if this is a thing in Pr2 (but it doesn't feel like it)
But coyote time is when there's a leniency of being able to jump even though you just left the ground, which is to account for human reaction time being a bit delayed and also being a bit friendlier (it's in a lot of modern platformers I would say)
I.e. allow jump actions up to 0.1s (this number can be adjusted to what feels right, but I hear 0.1s is a good amount) after going from being on the ground to falling

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  The Dash
Posted by: ~JBG~ - 13th May 2024, 10:54 AM - Forum: PR4 Suggestions - No Replies

I have no idea what the art style of the game will be like but I figured I'd crosspost this from the pr2 suggestions thread.
The Dash vs Dr. Cerebrum
-Quest of the Hats-
The Dash
A racer turned superhero after getting struck by lightning as a teen. After that fateful night The Dash had a newfound power of dashing ahead of his opponents in races.
[Image: RT7EACj.png]

Dr. Cerebrum
The mad scientist Dr. Cerebrum, known for his scientific breakthrough of giving ordinary hats powers. However he went a step too far when he stole The Dash's superpower and infused it into a hat.
[Image: AXbPofH.png]

Hat minion
Dr. Cerebrum's henchmen, they carry around the hats the doctor has made. If you crush them your hat gets replaced by the hat they were carrying.
[Image: bwlc7MV.png]

Spike Block
Spike blocks were designed by Dr. Cerebrum to protect his laboratory. They temporarily stun the player that touches them. Spikes regenerate after X seconds, spikes are a permanent hazard in maps.
[Image: 9h6mzaL.png]

Sombrero hat
Dr. Cerebrum has stolen the powers of The Dash and infused it into a hat. By pressing the ctrl button this hat allows you to dash in the direction your facing giving you a slight edge in races. This power has a cooldown of X seconds before it can be used again.
[Image: jA5xrNO.png]
[Image: 4zxQwaV.gif]

Paperboat hat
This hat has the power to let you swim faster in water.
[Image: JXli7tE.png]

Witch hat
Wicked witchery allows you to double jump, but at the cost of the second jump being weaker than the first jump.
[Image: DpeWUty.png]

Jester hat
If picked up by opponents this hat reverses their controls causing chaos and confusion.
[Image: rfYGusJ.png]

Pirate hat
Pirate hat not only lets you swing a sword in front of and behind you but it also increases the distance of your swing.
[Image: fZ5sTUQ.png]

Fedora hat
This mysterious hat renders other hats useless as it strips them of their powers when you join a race.
[Image: izNo7S3.png]

And the ever elusive detective All-c-Eye
[Image: 4TKrO8v.png]

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  Game Physics Switch
Posted by: Ajayci 100 - 13th May 2024, 7:53 AM - Forum: PR4 Suggestions - Replies (2)

I really don't know if this is a realistic ask, but for every level the level creator has a option to have their level take on the physics of one of the previous games, PR1/2/3 this would make the game more united for those who just want a more modern version of those games but not miss out on stuff like old glitches/bugs and anything that game brought physics wise.

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Video PR2 - Art Gallery
Posted by: Kira - 13th May 2024, 6:51 AM - Forum: Platform Racing 2 - Replies (7)

Hey, over the course of a few years I've made a lot of different artworks. I will post from the earliest to the latest so you can see the progress  Bow

I have vastly improved my art in 16 years, mostly due to the fact that I've played a game that's extremely similar to PR2 (everybodyedits) and doing irl paintings. Here's my portofolio on Everybody Edits:

Progress from 2013 to 2023:
[Image: ZGWhMJQ.png]
Infernal World by Kira~ (2013) - 10 minutes

[Image: tncoLYj.png]
Escape the Tower by Kira~ (2014) - 20 minutes

[Image: kFJpsgt.png]
Warrior Trapwork by Atomic Galaxy (2015) - 1 hour

[Image: 8Eigyuh.png]
Epsydia by Faultless Dragon (2015) - 1 hour

[Image: ia7684h.png]
Retaliation by Prince Ande (2018) - 2 hours

[Image: nnGOUxo.png]
War Trapwork by Prince Ande - 3 hours

[Image: nvpUGHA.png]
Nightmxre by Soulripper (2022) - 12 hours

[Image: YYg1gof.png]
Wicked by Atomic Galaxy (2018) - 3 hours

[Image: ZpbABIh.png]
Omen by Genius Shadow (2021) - 1 hour

[Image: zDNFa3I.png]
Viking Trapwork by Prince Ande (2021) - 7 hours

[Image: TraiuNy.png]

True Ending by Atomic Galaxy (2023) - 6 hours

[Image: vdnS3vh.png]
Tw 1 by Atomic Galaxy (2024 unreleased) - 2 hours


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  Guilds & Leaderboards
Posted by: MoonFiredk - 11th May 2024, 4:01 PM - Forum: PR4 Suggestions - Replies (10)


Guilds can be a large way of socialize, or be a way of working together with the members of a guild.

Being a part of a guild can be cool, but what I really enjoy in video games, is when they make it in a way, where the guild members can contribute and work towards specific milestones, or fight to be the best guild, or if they prefer doing it more casually, there would also be spare for that.

Progression in a Guild

Playing races, doing seasonal challenges, or potentially doing Guild Wars, could be a way of earning Guild Currency and Guild xp for your guild. Gaining enough xp for a Guild Level up, could reward niche perks, such as 1% more xp after every match, or 1% more Guild Currency rewarded from races etc. It could also be other perks.

The Guild currency could be used in a Guild Shop. Leveling the Guild up, could both be a seasonal leveling system, and a global level system. 

Global Guild Levels

The Global Levels of a guild, should be the level that showcases the actual level of the Guild, and shouldn't be reset after a season. The Global Guild Level, will get harder and harder to level up, the higher level it gets, but the whole guild will be working together leveling it up, and after certain milestones, could reward or unlock maybe the Guild Shop, or maybe unlock extra Member Slots for the guild or maybe doesn't have to unlock anything, but maybe give some niche perks, such as small xp bonus or something. 

Seasonal Guild Levels

This idea is from Albion Online. In Albion Online, there is Guild Seasons. In Guild Seasons you and your guild fight to be the best guild in a guild season. Doing Guild Wars, doing Seasonal challenges, and playing the game by playing races and such, will work towards gaining Season Points, and after certain milestones, the guild gets to higher ranks giving better and better rewards.

[Image: image.png?ex=664129f2&is=663fd872&hm=955...height=516]

In Albion Online, getting 1000 Season Points in a season rewards The Iron Rank - by reaching that, does the Guild Avatar Border, get a Iron border, and it rewards an Iron Avatar Frame for the members aswell. In PR4 It could reward a medal or something when the season ends, depending on how rank your rank was.

After iron there is Bronze at 7500 Points, Silver at 25000, Gold at 80000 and Crystal at 250.000. It wouldn't have to be the same rank names and all that, its just to give an example of how it is. 

Crystal rank is the highest rank in Albion Online, but as there is no limit of how many points you can get, so there will be a lot of competition to get to the top spots. In Albion, if your guild gets number 3 in a guild season, all the members of a guild gets an Crystal Avatar Border with a number 3 number, showcasing that they got number 3. And the same with number 2 and 1.

[Image: image.png?ex=6641277e&is=663fd5fe&hm=3c2...height=516]

If a Guild wins a guild season in Albion, does it add an lighting effect at the banner, and winning 3 times adds a total of 3 lights. Winning more than 3 Guild Seasons, adds a number instead of the light in the middle to showcase the total wins. It doesn't have to be the same way it could work in PR4, but showcasing total Guild Seaon wins could be really nice!

[Image: image.png?ex=66412976&is=663fd7f6&hm=574...y=lossless] [Image: image.png?ex=66412980&is=663fd800&hm=c7b...45f156f70&] [Image: image.png?ex=66412992&is=663fd812&hm=e43...2ab8b154c&]

You would also be able to see the leaderboards from older seasons, and you would also be able to see all the seasons your guild has been participating in, and what rank they got

[Image: image.png?ex=66412a4b&is=663fd8cb&hm=7d4...height=517]
[Image: image.png?ex=66412968&is=663fd7e8&hm=35a...height=517]

Guild Wars

Guild Wars would be a tab for itself, where 2 guilds will race against eachother in an random verified map from a poll of maps who is made for it. I'm not fully sure how it would be implemented best, but having this Guild Wars, rewarding Season Points for the Guild, and possibly trophies or idk.

Leaderboards for Players & Guilds
I love checking stats out on people including myself. Being able to see a leaderboard, not only showcasing top 100, but a global leaderboard showcasing every single player and guild could be really nice.

it could showcase different things, such as highest level player in the game, or highest level guild in the game, fully down to the lowest level guild with the fewest xp and same to player.

It could also showcase, most Guild Wars won, or most deathmatches won, or most races won, and such. There is a lot there could be on a leaderboard, but I do believe adding too many things could make it a bit chaotic, depending on the design of it.

I'm sorry if this thread is really long, and im sorry if it makes no sense at all, im really tired. The pictures and such, is from Albion Online, and some of the ideas is from there aswell. It wouldn't have to be the exact same, either wouldn't the names and such have to be the same, but its just some examples I gave and such.

Let me know if you think any of these things sound interesting.

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  Buncha New PR2 Videos
Posted by: Magniloquent - 9th May 2024, 5:04 PM - Forum: Blogs - Replies (3)

I posted a bunch of PR2 videos that had been unlisted/unpublished. It's a mix of optimized speedruns on technical short races, speed-frusting short frusts, soloing difficult trapworks, and the like. 

Check them out at my YouTube if you're interested--

Oh, and if you have any ideas for any similarly challenging/technical levels you'd like me to record and post on YT, let me know down below. I plan to record a lot more PR2 videos this summer.

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  AGE 30
Posted by: Different - 9th May 2024, 1:11 AM - Forum: Discussion Hall - Replies (8)

[Image: Z7LnJDr.gif]

If you don't do anything else, I want you all to enjoy your 20s because one day you guys are going to wake up and turn 30 years old. I wish I were in my 20s again. Peak level testosterone, more energy, etc. At age 30, your life is going to change, drastically. Your behaviors, decisions, and your body will begin to change. That precious youth that you guys are holding on too will eventually fade away into dust and ashes. At least you'll gain more wisdom, naturally. Most of the audience on here are Gen Z's below 30 years old. I guarantee you that at least half of you guys won't be here in about 3-7 years from now because you'll be over 30.

Tbh with you guys, I was going to stop coming here last year because I had turned 30 years old. But two people begged me to stay here. Now I'm 31 and you guys are making me feel old, honestly. Even the staff members are Gen Z's, like wtf?? I've thought about moving on from this site so many times because I'm getting too old for it, and you guys will probably do the same.

Every decade is different. Even @Jiggmin is getting too old to spend time on this site because he has a wife, now. The man is pushing 36 years old. Do you really think that he enjoys the same stuff as he did when he first created Platform Racing 2? No. Even if he does, it's not the same anymore which is why @bls1999 is here. In 5 years from now, he'll probably stop coming here too.

You guys forget that my generation (the millennials) had our prime days on this site (including PR2) back in 2008 - 2015. Ever since Gen Z turned 18, those days were over for us, and the torch was passed to them. Now most of us have grown up and moved on to bigger and better things.

It's really convenient to sit there and say, "Not me, man. I'll never do such a thing." Turn 30 and let's see if you're still here. I'm telling you guys, you're going to grow tired of coming to JV - a site that was originally created for kids with filtered content, restrictions, and kiddy games. Face it, this site was never meant for adult consumption over 30 years old, and one day you guys are going to see that as you get older. It's cute when you're in your teens and 20s, but you won't be enjoying that cuteness anymore at 30 years old. Anyways, enjoy your 20s.

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