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  Why does bad luck keep happening to me?..
Posted by: dotime - 12th August 2020, 6:50 PM - Forum: Blogs - Replies (1)

All I said was "I hate teenagers" then suddenly the next day my laptop wont turn on, I tried to use my desktop 
but it fall on the floor very softly and knotted the harddrive loose after that I use my other laptop but it battery dies very quickly and I cant charge it.. so I have to use a external laptop which overheats before it can charge fully.

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  Customizable LE block tools order
Posted by: Addy - 12th August 2020, 2:49 PM - Forum: PR2 Suggestions - Replies (1)

i have an idea to make the block order customizable and have all of the blocks put in a personal order so we can not scroll as much when creating levels.

custom:       defalt:
  [Image: zOSIv6S.jpg]   [Image: axZDwTD.png]

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  What have I done..
Posted by: PufferFishLord - 9th August 2020, 6:00 PM - Forum: Blogs - Replies (11)

Seriously never thought in the past 2 days would go from pufferfish to an absolute shitshow in the jiggmins village discord server. Bls if you're reading this, I sincerely apologize for you having to face that problem, god bless your soul. 
(Think I might change my pfp/user after this occured twice)  Frown

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  Ambassador Election
Posted by: bls1999 - 9th August 2020, 3:30 PM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (22)

Vote for the next JV Community Ambassador! They'll be co-CA with the current one, @AspectZero.

Voting ends on Thursday, August 13 at midnight EDT. Results will be made public after the voting closes (names will not be attached).

Statement from @Tejs:

Tejs Wrote:I see that people want some sort of statement, here's my take on that:
My name is Tejs. I've been playing PR2 since 2009. I'm mainly known in the trapping community as traps is my favourite gamemode on PR2. I am the owner of the Legend Trappers discord server with over 150 members, and I'm the owner of the Legends guild on PR2 which is the current largest guild in the game.

Currently I have a deep understanding of the trapping community's wishes and concerns. Although I have admittedly never been very vocal in other spectrums of our community, I'm obviously planning on changing that with this election in place. I see the optimism from the staff teams side, and I would like to contribute to that.

My ingame names include Genius Shadow, Genial Skygge and Loggix - You'll almost always find me on one of those three. My discord is Tejs#0014 if you'd like to ask me any questions.

As a side note, I cannot stress enough how important it is to find a second CA asap, for reasons gone over in the "Changes" thread (skewing information etc). Asking the community would to me currently likely end in alot of chaos and uncertainty. I think selecting a few candidates was the right choice for now. New, properly community-nominated CA's can always come later once this system has found its place.

Statement from @TRUC:

TRUC Wrote:Hiya there, I'm TRUC, but most people call me truck for some odd reason I never understood. I don't think I need any sort of introduction, as unless you've been living under a rock and/or have only joined the community after mid 2018, chances are you already know who I am. I'm not gonna give details on everything I've done for this place over the years, that's not the point, but I've pretty much always been around to help my best. This Community Ambassador title is just a tag to name what I've been doing since forever (or 2013, whichever you prefer).

Yes, I've always been chill with Bls (also since 2013), as close as to even be part of the staff he chose for a little while when he took the village in his hands back in 2017. I'm not gonna lie, I'm not here to bash anyone. I've seen and lived both sides of this whole ordeal, and I like to think that I've never been much guilty of favouritism in any position I held as contest host, judge or mod. I just aimed to do what's best.

Of course you could think that means I'd be heavily biased for the CA stuff. I'd get that, but those who know me will tell you it doesn't even matter to me. Like I said, I will still be around doing the same things no matter the result here. Done it before naturally even before anyone in the staff was promoted, and that ain't gonna change.

Also thank you Bls for not calling this Community Manager, we all know how THAT went back then eh.

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  I think this is the right area to post stuff that's not important
Posted by: PufferFishLord - 9th August 2020, 12:56 PM - Forum: Blogs - Replies (4)

Puffer fish are pretty cool, although most species are toxic, there's also some few species that are not. Puffer fish to me are just living water balloons that deflate, my favorite puffer fish out of all of the species are the porcupine fish.

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Posted by: Jae - 8th August 2020, 1:43 PM - Forum: Blogs - Replies (4)

Feeling great today, I got approved for the apartment that I applied for. I have about two and a half months to prepare and buy everything that I need. Thank you to those who wished me luck a couple days ago, I'm so excited. ^^

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  Time stamps in chat
Posted by: Addy - 7th August 2020, 9:52 PM - Forum: PR2 Suggestions - Replies (11)

[Image: iEriP7z.png]

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  Everytime I Trashpost
Posted by: Uptight 534 - 7th August 2020, 8:24 PM - Forum: Blogs - Replies (9)

[Image: 372ue3.jpg]

I just finished reading The Watchmen and highly suggest reading it. Also, gotta keep the site clean (trashpost is a synonym for "s***post", but even putting the censored form right on the front page did not seem like a smart idea). Well... onto Maus.

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  Cool Fractals in PR3
Posted by: ThePizzaEater1000 - 7th August 2020, 8:22 PM - Forum: Platform Racing 3 - Replies (4)

Mandelbrot Set (50 iterations I believe, I don't think I temporarily raised it for this level of detail)
[Image: bXr6Sug.png]

Julia Set (c = 0.285 + 0.01i)
[Image: BBjpANP.png]

Barnsley Fern
[Image: jMRKT5F.png]

Sierpiński triangle
[Image: 8w05bp9.png]

Cool hexagon fractal that I dont know the name of or whether it has a name
[Image: dEEDfeI.png]

Lua code for all of these fractals can be found here:

also please suggest some other cool fractals i want to make more

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  Restarting on LE freezes the timer.
Posted by: Adulock77 - 7th August 2020, 6:01 PM - Forum: Bugs and Suggestions - Replies (2)

I'm not sure if anyone has posted this before (or noticed) but here's something weird...

The timer on Level Editor freezes when you restart the level. 

In case I am not been very descriptive, try making a level, test it, Restart it and you'll see that the timer freezes and doesn't restart with everything else or keeps going. O.o

the only way to have it back to normal is by going back, wait for your level to load, and then test it again.

It'll be helpful to have it restart with everything else because you could have a veeeery long level that could take a while to load, and let's say... 

you wanted to go back to the player spawn point for testing something quickly without wanting to change anything yet, you hit restart, and now you have lost the timer to see if the player would of have made it to the finish with the amount of time or so. 

Just thought I'll share this little Level Editor quirk.

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