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  NaN displays when forfeting objective level while drawing
Posted by: Ashley766 - 25th August 2020, 3:27 PM - Forum: Bugs and Suggestions - Replies (1)

[Image: 962tnEE.png]

[Image: uKOYZbX.png]

I think this is a client bug. In the first picture, I quit at the beginning of the level during the drawing, then when the countdown started, turned to Nan. In the second picture, I hit a few finish blocks, then closed the tab.

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  View Replays
Posted by: Mystery - 25th August 2020, 9:51 AM - Forum: Bugs and Suggestions - Replies (2)

Have the top 1-3 times on a level saved as "ghost data" so you can watch the fastest runs through the level.

Say you click on the "?" next to the level, and there's a "View Replays" button. Which takes you to something like this:

[Image: F3lm7Ot.png]

This would be useful for several reasons:

1.) It would act as a mini HOF for each level.

2.) You could improve your strategy on a level by watching the fastest times.

3.) The level creator could see if there's any unintentional glitches in their level from the replays, and patch them.

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  Probably a very popular suggestion - Specific item blocks?
Posted by: Battlealvin2009 - 25th August 2020, 6:54 AM - Forum: Bugs and Suggestions - Replies (2)

Although we can filter out what kind of items we could get by smashing the item block, we never could select a specific item for that specific block. 

This would make adventure-style levels easier to make with certain items benefiting several situations

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Posted by: ClassyElephant - 25th August 2020, 6:06 AM - Forum: Blogs - Replies (3)

Just looked at PPOY again.

There's so many people on this website that are all varying ages, styles, social cliques, etc. Even though we shouldn't, we often judge people by the way they look, which helps us determine who we hang out with and associate with.

I feel that if we were all together in-person, it's very unlikely that we would be friends, or even communicate with each other. This site allows us to do just that.

And I think thats beautiful.

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  Blast from the past
Posted by: bobheadtomato - 24th August 2020, 7:10 PM - Forum: Welcoming Gates - Replies (9)


I had a bit of downtime and was trying to think of old internet games to play, so I decided to check and see if platform racing 2 still existed, and discovered somehow that game is still chugging along! I forgot the music in it is full of bangers.

Anyway, I decided to check out to see if Jiggmin’s Village still existed, and it’s pretty wild to me that this is still going too as I had originally joined it over 12 years ago. I wasted so many hours practically doing nothing on this website it’s crazy to think back on it.

Just wanted to pop in and say hi! Hope all’s been well with everyone.

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Video [Dev Log] Head Hopper #3 - New Enemies and SFX!
Posted by: Thales4000 - 24th August 2020, 4:17 PM - Forum: Blogs - No Replies

In my last video on the series, I've made the basic gameplay of my upcoming mobile game, Head Hopper. Today, I'm going to make some adjustments, create new types of enemies and add sound effects to give some life to the game!

PS: It's been quite a while since I've posted any videos at all. Turns out I got way more busy than usual in the last weeks and, as if it were not enough, I shorted my computer's motherboard while trying to change its PSU. But now things are back to normal, and hopefully I'll be able to post videos every week or two again.

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  Pr2- A1 Ranks+ Prediction
Posted by: Fam93 - 23rd August 2020, 7:01 PM - Forum: Platform Racing 2 - Replies (26)

Now, I'm 100% fully aware that we have a Rank 50+ thread, thanks to Stxtics. But here, I'm going to be taking a different turn away from that thread. This may exclude some things to make it more interesting. It's straight facts, and it's all love at the end of the day. A lot of the older players can give their two cents, or the whole pie... but hey, let's jump into it!

 A1 Ranks
What are A1 Ranks, you asked? A1 Ranks are legitimate ranks with no tokens at all! I'm talking base ranks that not too many people could achieve or would not be able to achieve any time soon. Now I'm fully aware that now of days, anyone can reach a base rank of 60, so because of that, I decided to raise the bar to a higher level... I'm talking a base of rank 65 and up, which is highly underrated! A base of rank 60 is overrated, now! I remember when Rank 60 used to be a big deal, but now everyone is flying by it like jets! 

Now usually it takes 47mil to reach a base of rank 65. Think about that for a second... it takes 47mil to reach Rank 65. Now to old vets, 47mil is a nothing burger, but if you're a newbie, dissecting the experience and factoring in your time, it's scary as fire! Let me elaborate more on A1 Ranks: let's say I'm at the top of my game as a player who has Rank 73 with +8 rank tokens. Now, I want you to completely ignore the fact that I'm rank 73 and subtract 8 tokens from that. Now, I'm a base rank of 65. In my book, this is where A1 Ranking status begins because it's very underrated, and how many people you know, could achieve that?!

Now, lets do the math: You currently have over 700 players in the game, who have Rank 50+ (if you exclude Fred the Giant Cactus)  Fred Too be exact, you have 713 players. The current percentage of players who make up the Base Rank of 65+ are roughly 0.7%. That's assuming that at least 5 players have a base rank of 65 and over. Now I'm not going to bore you with the math and all, but if you want to get all mathematical, check out these findings: <--- facts for naysayers!

Now 0.7% is a VERY LOW percentage of players who have a base rank of 65+, and this number can and will change over time as new players arise. Take a moment to let all this information submerge into your minds. You have over 700 players who are rank 50+, and only 5 of them currently have a base of rank 65+, which is roughly 0.7% of those 700+ players; very miniscule and highly underrated. With that being said, here are the current players who make up the A1 Ranking list:

1) Colind: Rank: 71+8
2) AlphaZ: Rank: 69+8
3) FDX3: Rank: 67+8
4) HelpACC: Rank: 68+5
5) SteamPower: Rank: 66+5

This ranking list is subject to change, but for now, those are your A1 Players. A quick shout out to these players for busting their butts off and grinding to achieve these ranks. Pure ambition and the amount of time spent, plus CPU energy used.


Now before I begin, I just want to do a quick recap about what I said earlier about all this being just straight love at the end of the day. If you want to go to war with this, be my guest lol! First and foremost, congrats to Colind for being the new #1 rank in pr2. I know you had to fight your way through AlphaZ, FDX3, and many more lol.

Now let me just say this: this player that I'm about to mention, has been holding the number 1 spot in Pr2 for nearly 5yrs, until FDX3 outranked him and became number 1 for at least 1 yr, then AlphaZ outranked him and took that spot for about 1-2yrs, then Colind came and destroyed these guys! For new players, you may be completely oblivious as to what I'm talking about, but old vets know what time it is. All of us never thought this man would EVER be outranked, until FDX3 was the first one to show us that it was possible!

Now, we all know that none of this would have ever occurred, had this ONE MAN, this ONE MAN hadn't quit and gave up his number 1 spot, 7yrs ago! That one man is Quesin! Now personally, I think that if Quesin had never quit and would have just kept going, this man would be rank 80+, making it arduous and devastating for ANYONE to catch up to him! He wouldn't even allow you to get close!

When Quesin reached rank 65 back in July of 2013, he basically called it quits and ever since then, we haven't heard anything from him about ranking up, until 6yrs later. During that month, AlphaZ was rank 62, giving Quesin a 3+ rank lead ahead of AlphaZ. That's probably the closest Quesin would ever let anyone get to him! But hey, Quesin just stopped caring about pr2 after July, and moved to bigger and better things. 

Now I'm sure that when AlphaZ reached rank 63 by the end of August, he was feeling really good for a moment, until he DESTRYOED his chances of being the first 70 at the time! Why, AlphaZ?! Fast forward 4 years later, and you shared the Rank 70 spot with ColindConfused 

Now before I go back to Quesin, it seems like AlphaZ could have made his way towards reaching the number one spot back in 2013 when Quesin quit, but then he just sat there and allowed FDX3 to catch up with him. Then FDX3 took the number one spot, but only settled for Rank 67?! FDX3 kept watch of Quesin to see if he would make a return and snatch back his number one spot! But Quesin never did return. This time FDX3 was in the clear, feeling good about being number 1.

Now remember what I said earlier... Quesin would NOT allow ANYONE to get close to him. So by that point, there was no way he would have started ranking up all of a sudden when FDX3 reached 61+4 during April. FDX3 had quit at rank 67 because he was gassed and temporarily satisfied at the time, then came back and started ranking a few years later. 

Now we all know that Jellyhood3 was the one that discovered the DM Glitch back in September of 2013, but what if AlphaZ discovered it, first? What if AlphaZ didn't take a break and reached level 64 in October 2013 instead of March 2014? He would be the first level 70, instead!

Quesin had so much competition going on during 2013. He had AlphaZ, Danger, Colind, Slowboy03, FDX3, and many more. All these guys were hungry for the number one spot! Now, Danger is another legend who macroed/simmed in this game, and I'm sure a lot of vets remember this guy. None of us have heard from Danger in a very long time. We don't even know whether this man quit, or decided to allow people to surpass him. But rumor has it that during the month of September 2013, he knew about the DM glitch!  Eek  

Imagine this man taking advantage of it then?! He might have been the first level 70! FDX3 would have had some trouble on his hands, worrying about Quesin and Danger! But just like AlphaZ, he took a break and let everyone surpass him, until March of 2015. But hey, I get it... people get gassed out from this game, from time to time.  

Couple of fun facts: Yellowfin has never surpassed Quesin, and Danger has never surpassed AlphaZ. Now in my personal opinion, it's because they simply didn't care at the time, or they allowed it. Who knows?! Yellowfin's chances of surpassing Quesin was about 50/50. Danger was only a rank behind AlphaZ, so he could have passed him anytime he wanted to. Rumor also has it that Quesin quit because of the rank tokens. His folding was extremely slow, compared to Colind and AlphaZ, so it might have taken him AGES to reach 100m!

Now as far as the DM Glitch goes, it was a way for players to gain exp really fast, within 5secs! However, the amount of disconnects (due to the game not meant to DM sim), was completely frustrating. Now there was a way you could macro DM back then, but tbh, the amount of time spent trying to figure that out is a catastrophe. But as time went on, players reached rank 60 really fast, until it was patched in July of 2013!  Eek

Anyways, back to what I was saying earlier, about Quesin... AGAIN, this man would not allow ANYONE to get close to him for nothing! Sometimes I would see this man online, and I kid you not, it seems like he would sit there and watch the player list to see if anyone is getting close. Then if he did see someone get close to his rank, he would pull out the old alts and start macroing 8 accounts! LOL he just couldn't be stopped! 

But on the flip side, we all know that this man got too big for his player build, and couldn't gain anymore experience pts back in February of 2013 (thanks to Jiggmin) because he reached level 64 too quickly! I mean, he was just 59 in Janurary, then all of a sudden reached level 60+4 and USED ALL HIS TOKENS (assuming) that the token use was permanent?! LOL give me a break! This man use to laugh at us when we told him that we were going to outrank him one day because he knew that he was too far ahead of us, and his experience exceeded ours. But hey, looks like the joke's on him, now  Tongue

Now if he would have kept that number one position, he would STILL be laughing at us today, knowing that outranking him would be nearly impossible. I'd put money on it that he would be at least rank 83 (75+8) today! 

Now another legend (and I'm sure some of the old vets remember him), Yellowfin, always seemed to have stayed a rank behind this man. Yes, Yellowfin could have been at the top, but he gave up and Quesin left him in the dust back in 2009, just laughing at him. He just couldn't get the job done. You have to care to stay at war with someone. When he couldn't rock with Quesin anymore, he simply gave up at level 58, leaving Quesin with no competition for YEARS!

Look at all the players who passed him over the years (THAT HE USED TO LAUGH AT!): Colind, Danger, AlphaZ, FDX3, HelpACC, :LP:, Master Raiden, Atari4600, etc! His level 67 rank (that he has now) is virtually 7 years too late, as this would have been really amazing to achieve back then. But hey, you snooze you lose, buddy lol! He probably thought he was some sort of Pr2 GOD, when he was at the top, 7 years ago (smirk). What goes up, must come down!

Now, we have Colind. Colind got the job done, but tbh with y'all, he and Quesin would be at war today, if Quesin had kept going. Quesin always seemed to have the Ace of spades up his sleeve; you never knew what was going to happen next. Now I'm sure by this point, some of y'all are going to be on my head about this thread, but hey, just remember it's all love at the end of the day, nothing personal, just facts from an old vet (whose name will not be disclosed)! This is just to enlighten the new players about some pr2 history, and I hope you enjoy it!

So again, congrats on being the number 1 rank in pr2, Colind! You finally got your wish about surpassing FDX3, even though those were dark days back then for you lol! I hope you get to rank 80 one day, bro. However, it would have been interesting to see what would have happened if Quesin had never stopped ranking back in 2013. Maybe FDX3's plans would have been different... who knows?! Maybe Colind would be stressed out from attempting to outrank Quesin! You all let me know in the comment section.

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  Welcoming message + new thread coming
Posted by: Fam93 - 23rd August 2020, 4:12 PM - Forum: Welcoming Gates - Replies (6)

What's sup, everyone!

Just to let you know, I am not really "new" to Jiggmin Village, or pr2 itself. I remember playing pr2 back in early 2008, and creating an account on JV back then, so I know how things operate. Now what I will be bringing to the table are interesting threads that may not have been mentioned in the past. 

Regardless of what you may think of these threads, it's all love at the end of the day, so let's just have fun with it. A lot of the older players, I already know who you are, and you may know me once we chat, eventually. New guys, not so much, but we can still chat and get to know one another.

So yeah, stay tuned because a thread is coming later on today.

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  Trap Tournament 2020
Posted by: Addy - 22nd August 2020, 8:38 PM - Forum: Platform Racing 2 - Replies (7)


hello everyone! i am proud to announce, that i am going to be hosting a trap tournament! as soon as i get enough people in, i will create a tourney page and have a set date and time when it will start. i plan on making it a triple elimination, which means if you get matched with someone that's not your skill level, you will have more than a chance.. the rules are simple:

the spectators- they watch the match, make sure its a fair game. they keep track of who is winning and reports the outcome. spectators are in charge picking the trap maps! to keep everything fair and fun, the spectator shouldn't pick an [hard], [insane], or [epic] map as the first map. i cannot speak for all of the spectators,(as everyone can be different on how they spectate) but i would pick easy to progressing harder maps going onward.

the trappers- they play the traps and compete to win against there opponents. once the tourney is made, you must wait on a spectator and your opponent to be online to start. once the match has started, everyone has "7 lives" if you get trapped and your opponent passes you where you got trapped and or finishes the level, you will loose a life once you or your opponent runs out of lives by getting trapped over and over again, the match is over. if both trappers get trapped at the same trap, its a draw.

My Lovely Spectators:
Addy (Host)
1. jonnypro
2. Spirit
3. .Aries.
4. -xXzakXx-
5. Tejs
6. Lich
7. Anoromodero
8. NeonStrike
9. S.Iversen
10 iGodShark
11 Killer
12 Magniloquent
13 Carnaleta
14 Prince Ande
15 ~Unknown~
16 -yolex-
17 Death
18 Martin
19 LP
20 Tibere
21 ExplosionZ
22 SkilledZz
23 Arvid

1st place gets $25 GIFT CARD! + 10M [email protected] POINTS!
2nd place  get 5M [email protected] POINTS! + $5 GIFT CARD!
3rd place gets 1M [email protected] POINTS!
*prizes could change depending on how many people is participating! (;

trapmakers to practice on that is likely to be played on alot:
Devious shadows
Axe warrior
My Little Ponys
DarkReason Jr.
dios de la guerra 85
Prince Ande
Shattered Remains
God of the Sea
Axe Revolution
Axe Champion
Undead Angel 
UltimateDragon X 
Bmx Kungen 
suicide idiot bomber 
Master Tian
Genius Shadow 
Battle Hawk 
Interpool man 
~Aquatic Dragon~
White Dragon Origins 
trapp master
Jyu Viole Grace
Holy Dragon
Devious Heart
Devious Weapon
i Fatal
Devious Angel X
Tw Legend
Lethal Dragon
Fatal Dragon
Stalker Dude
Fatal Dragon
Stalker Dude
Peter Pilsner
TxT Skull
Lord Vadar
~Apocalyptic Dragon~
Ayr Cap
Guest 500
!!EL TAMBi!!
Trapwork creator

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Posted by: Delphinoid - 22nd August 2020, 1:12 AM - Forum: Welcoming Gates - Replies (9)

Could be cool to be able to post dumb stuff here every now and then. Forcing people to create a thread is pretty stupid, although I suppose it's to prevent spam or something.

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