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    Thread: Styler of the Month
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(31st July 2020, 4:06 PM)new bat pr2 Wrote: Unfortunately I am color blind so the colors might be messed up. Overbeing: [Image:] [Image:
Minimania Platform Racing 2 306 48,900 31st July 2020, 5:25 PM
    Thread: New Music For PR2?
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(7th July 2020, 2:40 AM)JIyHu Wrote: I recently begun creating good music pieces out of nowhere. I already created 2 decent tracks, which might fit for PR2. Have a listen for yourself: https://cdn.d...
Minimania PR2 Suggestions 36 4,087 7th July 2020, 4:09 AM
    Thread: Trial and Error
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I'm surprised you didn't call this Trial and Terror
Minimania Platform Racing 2 40 10,870 5th July 2020, 7:42 PM
    Thread: CotM: Round 28
Post: RE: VOTING: CotM Round 28

PR2 Name: Minimania of EE Theme: Adventure Theme Explanation: These levels are going to take you on a magical journey through many places. :) Level 1: Platform Racing Tutorial by Mfdom Level 2: Emeral...
Minimania Platform Racing 2 6 1,040 4th July 2020, 8:45 PM
    Thread: Suggest a Book!
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A Series of Unfortunate Events. This whole series is a huge inspiration for me.
Minimania Discussion Hall 19 1,615 4th July 2020, 4:46 AM
    Thread: give me a lot of alerts
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I have 0
Minimania Blogs 22 2,630 3rd July 2020, 9:37 PM
    Thread: Classic JV-PR2 signature
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Hey because I love you all very much I updated the template to include the Cheese Hat. [Image:] Enjoy!
Minimania Multimedia Masterpieces 24 7,309 3rd July 2020, 12:32 AM
    Thread: Let's get this thread to a million pages!
Post: RE: Let's get this thread to a million pages!

Well, I hope it goes well.
Minimania Village Games 1,848 133,757 30th June 2020, 8:21 PM
    Thread: Port PR3 Hats
Post: Port PR3 Hats

With the advent of Platform Racing 3's Hat Attack mode, I've begun to wonder what other things from PR3 could be ported into PR2. A perfect addition to go along with the new mode would be some of the ...
Minimania PR2 Suggestions 17 1,751 29th June 2020, 5:01 AM
    Thread: Platform Racing 3 Reborn Hat Guide
Post: Platform Racing 3 Reborn Hat Guide

Let me know if anything I have posted here is wrong. [Image:] The hats are in order of my descriptions for them below, going from left to right, top to bottom. Base...
Minimania Platform Racing 3 2 587 29th June 2020, 3:06 AM
    Thread: changes in pr2
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Didn't think I'd be eating popcorn today
Minimania Blogs 37 867 27th June 2020, 11:28 AM
    Thread: ho2 get music into pr2?
Post: RE: ho2 get music into pr2?

Minimania - Xue Coda[youtube][/youtube] Minimania - Raining Ink[youtube][/youtube] Minimania - ...
Minimania PR2 Suggestions 1 295 23rd June 2020, 5:05 PM
  Confused Thread: ho2 get music into pr2?
Post: ho2 get music into pr2?

Hiya, decided to make an account here to submit some of my songs for PR2, given the new update. All songs with tag "Twin Roses" are attributed to the group "Twin Roses" which I am the sole proprietor ...
Minimania PR2 Suggestions 1 295 23rd June 2020, 5:02 PM