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    Thread: GOOGLE MAPS

I mean. I use G Maps to get to places I've never been before. I don't need it to get to my uusal routs. But I'm terrible at directions. Sooo somewhat inbetween.
cremedefromage Discussion Hall 13 5,345 19th September 2023, 5:12 PM
    Thread: PET PEEVES

I'd rather not say too much here an reveal my inner secrets which may be dark and stormy, or as bright as a sunshine meadow full of tootsie rolls. But I will say that I am not a people person, and peo...
cremedefromage Discussion Hall 21 2,964 19th September 2023, 12:03 PM
    Thread: Attack Protection Hat Ideas (MRS. Santa and BLS1999 hat)
Post: Attack Protection Hat Ideas (MRS. Santa and BLS199...

(I'll leave the art to somone who has more experince drawing) The party hat protects against lighting. The crown hat protects against mines, guns and swords. (oh my!) But there's one attack that has ...
cremedefromage PR2 Suggestions 2 531 15th September 2023, 9:31 PM
    Thread: Small Hat Fixes
Post: Small Hat Fixes

Wouldn't it be cool if the allien eggs could shoot lightning at you? Its the only attack that they are missing, unless they could lay mines. Hopefully both eggs and the Party Hat would see more play t...
cremedefromage PR2 Suggestions 2 597 14th September 2023, 11:51 AM
    Thread: PERSONALITY I ⚡️🧠🤔

I don't need a quiz to know which personality I am. Sure, there's all the funky 3 (4?) letter codes which mean all kinds of different things, but I think introvert and extravert is all you need to kno...
cremedefromage Discussion Hall 9 1,529 14th September 2023, 10:32 AM
    Thread: ALIENS 👽
Post: RE: ALIENS 👽

The only alliens I like are Roger and Rogu. Who needs more allines except those two?
cremedefromage Discussion Hall 33 5,243 12th September 2023, 5:28 PM
    Thread: The Dash
Post: RE: The Dash

Awesome ideas. Here's a thread bump to help speed these parts along.
cremedefromage PR2 Suggestions 31 9,584 12th September 2023, 12:47 PM
    Thread: New user
Post: New user

HI all, so I guess they want me to say a few words about myself since I'm new to the village. Uhhh... Been playing pr2 on and off since 2011 and since its the best game ever I figured I'd hop on hear ...
cremedefromage Welcoming Gates 3 689 18th August 2023, 7:58 PM