[PR2 Bug] Animation from Jetpack disappears sometimes
Problem: The animation from the jetpack (the air part) sometimes does not appear

Type of Problem: client

Expected Behavior: when you use jetpack, the animation is supposed to be there all the time

Actual Behavior: It does not appear sometimes

Steps to Reproduce the Problem: Get a jetpack and use it

Additional Information: 
Weird... I just test it and it always shows up on my end. Could it be a server thing maybe?
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Can someone do some more in-depth testing on this please?

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It appears that something is causing the jetpack animation to show as a still image instead of an animation.

Here's a video of the jetpack functioning properly.
Notice how the exhaust 'moves' and fluctuates in brightness a little bit.

Now here's a video of a buggy jetpack.
Notice how the exhaust doesn't move at all. It's just a still image now.

I've noticed that this happens in Ashley766's video (Starting at 0:12)
So the jetpack got stuck in a state where the animation never runs properly.

I was able to reproduce the buggy jetpack by jetpacking under an infinite item block for at least 1 second before moving away.
Releasing Space and holding Space again causes the jetpack animation to run properly.
[Image: q2GRKUL.png]
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bumpp. This is still a thing
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