Poll: Do you think ALL drugs should be legal?
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22 56.41%
To an extent
13 33.33%
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Do you think ALL drugs should be legal?
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We don't need a bunch of drug drunk people running around in our streets.
Plus, those things are addictive as heck.
Economy would be ruined because of it.
why would anybody think legalizing ALL drugs is a good idea

i honestly can't translate the name of it but i'm thinking about "cristal" and all the horrible side effects; violent behaviour, causes cancer, and so many other things... just that drug alone is enough to make me say NOPE.
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Not all drugs should be legal, but I believe that marijuana should be legalized. If you don't believe me watch this: 
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Heck no. There are drugs that essentially make you a complete mental psychopath, which can cause harm to yourself and others.
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Legalizing all drugs, no. To some extent, yes. Legalizing marijuana is the way, but I don't need to see heroin and cocaine legal, people will be messing up their lives left and right.
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In a world where many of us enjoy freedom, especially in America where I come from, I frown whenever a law is imposed on a person that would in no way effect anyone around him. Unless the intent is to harm ones self, or harm another, it should not be something our government has authority over. In short, I do not think that all drugs should be legal, however neither do I think that many of the drugs that are illegal should be. Indeed I have it on reasonable suspicion that popular drugs are illegal to boost sales on things that would otherwise be ignored, especially as most of these "illegal" drugs are incredibly cheap to create.

I will adhere that insensibility is not something I am particularly fond of, and thus I don't think it's likely I will ever indulge myself in these activities.
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I don't think using drugs should be illegal. I think producing and distributing some drugs should be illegal or restricted/controlled.
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they might as well legalise all drugs prescription drugs are the biggest killers out there along with alcohol. cocaine is safer than alcohol.
I mean opioid's are "legal" but look at the damage it has done.
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Big Yes
no, drugs are bad

say no to drugs, stay in school
Some possibly decriminalised but no to making the drug legal for most if not all of them
Those are terrible influences
I think all drugs should be decriminalized.

I'm a psychology major, a few weeks from graduation. I've not once tried any drugs, not even marijuana, so I can't say I'm speaking from experience. But addiction is not something to criminalize. Being on a substance is considered to be a mental disorder, as it *literally* changes your brain's functioning (depending on the drug).

We can't just assume every one makes the conscious choice one day to get hooked on drug. A majority of drug-related issues are due to upbringing, poverty, and other things that an individual is born into and does not have control over, more or less. We often look towards the example of people throwing their lives away and say "see, don't be like them. criminalize drugs" without understanding that no one *wants* to throw their lives away over their drug addiction. It's an itch that they have to scratch, not a game that they want to play. Humans who have addictions are enslaved to that addiction, and breaking such an addiction takes time, rehabilitation, and support.

Criminalizing drug users and putting them in prison for possession or use of drugs only perpetuates this issue in communities where it is a prevalent issue. I can get into deeper systemic issues, but thats not the purpose of this thread. The point I'm trying to make is, drug users are not inherently evil. They're not bad people for having an addiction. They need treatment, not punishment.

I've written several research papers on this subject. This is just a lil bit of my $0.02.
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No, but I realize that some are out there that don't do much bodily harm. I'm pretty sure the war on drugs has killed more people than the drugs themselves, but I have no idea what would happen if they were all easily accessible.
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I know the initial intent of this thread is to address the use of recreational use of drugs. Here are my two cents. . .

I know quite a few people whose lives were ruined by drugs, not just their physical or mental health, but their social health. The ruined the relationships they had with their family just to have a high. Once you have put yourself into a dependent need for a substance it is unhealthy, because without you are not yourself anymore.

However, drugs are not solely used for recreationally , hospitals use drugs to treat their patients numb pain and cause chemical reactions that destroy infections. I think because of this drugs should be used to a certain extent, but not just given out to individuals (like marijuana), but must be prescribed by a doctor. Most people are poor judges of the effects of drugs.
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