NFL Fantasy Football League (American Football)
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After a two or three (could not fully remember) hiatus, it is time to try and bring back fantasy football for the National Football League (colloquially known as the NFL), the premier American football league in the United States. The NFL season starts in early September so it is a good idea to get this out. I will be bumping this thread about every two weeks just so people can see it especially people who only pop in about once a blue moon. I will also be jointly adding Acid Forums to this league because there is most likely not enough people here to have the bare minimum of four teams [reason why this did not occur recently (note: This league minimum is new. It used to be only a minimum of six)]. You do not need to know anything about the NFL; all you have to know is who will accumulate the most points. Here is a quick synopsis of how to play Ameircan football for people who do not know: (this gentleman also has some other great videos on sports synopses).

The league will be hosted on since I feel that it is the best website for user interface as well as analytics. It will be a standard league with decimal points to the hundredth position. There will be a live online player draft, but that will be decided later by everyone in the league so hopefully everyone could attend it. One twist I like to add is individual defensive positions (IDP; one defensive back, linebacker, and lineman) because: The minimum amount of teams needed is four (ideally, six) and the maximum amount will be capped at twelve (twenty is allowed, but we would have to play third-stringers, which is not fun). The league will be organized with two conferences (Acid vs JV2 maybe?) and playoffs in the ending weeks, not including Week 17 (probably top half forming a winner's bracket and bottom half forming a loser's bracket). I also tweaked some of the scoring like losing points for missing a 17 yard field goal and giving up 500+ total yards. 

Just PM me your email account so I can invite you to the league. I will send you the invite, as well as the password to join the league. I hope we can get enough people to join so this can be enjoyable. I will be posting updates here as the time goes by. I will also try and use the "league headline" option to try and have joint discussion for the league members inside the league. Please let me know if you have any questions. Let the "handegg" trolling commence.
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~Two week bump to hopefully get more people
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