Space Swapper - New Android Game!
Hey guys, I've just launched my second mobile game! Check it out!


It's an addictive game with very simple controls, yet complex difficulty.


Tap between two colorful ships to swap their positions and shoot the asteroids.

"But how do I shoot the asteroids?" - That's simple, all you have to do is align them with a ship that has the same color. But be careful! This is harder than it looks...

If you get hit by any asteroid, you die.

You earn money throughout gameplay according to your performance, it can be used to customize the visuals of the game and also to purchase powerups that can be very helpful when you get in trouble.

How much asteroids can you destroy? Let's find out!

Available on Google Play:

Web version (demo):

Any questions, suggestions or reviews will be very welcome in this thread.
Enjoy! Smile
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Just downloaded it!! It looks pretty good but it gets really challenging!! I like it Smile
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Add some sort of goal, games like these don't keep players for long. Looks neat though.
I don't really use my phone much, but I'll check it out and give some feedback!
I love this idea, but yeah like Aspect said, I couldn't play like game often as there isn't exactly loads to do. If it was possible to add side quests somehow or more customisation features then that may help.
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