Teleport Blocks!
Want to get somewhere in a level without having to make a long, long stream of arrow blocks? How about instead of doing that, you put these bad boys in your level instead?

[Image: c6JwXms.png]

The Teleport Block was a block type added in PR3; this art you're seeing right now is from the "classic" version of said blocks, even though these blocks didn't appear in PR2 at all. Yes, I'm aware this art was done by Sparkworkz; if this gets included, it will probably have to be redone, which I would be glad to do so if need be. These blocks are one of the biggest features I'd like to see retrofitted into PR2 as well, considering how useful they are for making big chunks in levels that don't have to be connected for the player to be able to clear it. Hitting one (either by bumping or touching it) will send the player to the equivalent teleport block, wherever it is in a level.

Considering Teleport Blocks worked based on there being multiples of the same block type, there should be a way in PR2 to have more than 3 pairs of teleport blocks in a level. Here's my solution:

[Image: BBrBUlI.png]

Each Teleport block would have a color picker icon next to it. Clicking and changing the color of the Teleport block would make it a part of a new set. This would allow you to have  16,777,216 colors of Teleport Block at your disposal.

If there's more than 2 Teleport Blocks of the same color in a level, hitting one would send you to a random one that isn't the one you hit.

That's about it, really. It's a very useful block I want to see added. If you have anything to say or you want to add on, go right ahead!
[Image: aGf8Xvh.png]
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This a good idea?
EDIT: 6 of them

EDIT again: Updated versions in discord
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I think this would be better in PRF.
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yes please add this I need to add more towders to baloon towder defence
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These allow for incredibly fun designs and gameplay patterns, I'd love these in PR2 as well. One of my favourite features from PR3
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Yes please this will be very cool (:
IMO this is a great idea. But like I said in the 'Clown Set' thread, we need someone who's actually going to strongly dedicate their time into taking these fantastic ideas and implement them into the game. If people's ideas don't get taken into consideration or if they're ignored, Pr2 will die soon.
ok we dont have to copy every pr3 feature, jk but i dont really like these blocks even in pr3 they kind of killed the flow of the race. it makes things confusing imo because usually u dont know where ur gonna end up until u actually teleport, every other block in pr2 u can know everything about it just from looking at it on ur screen, so this is just a really out of place addition tbh
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Added in v165!

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