More Than 9 Tabs Of Levels
Pretty sure I've seen this somewhere before but I looked at all old PR2 suggestions threads and didn't see it immediately (prob glossed over lol, delete this if a double)

But I wish you could see all levels rather than 9 tabs each way
I for sure have over 108 levels 


Also maybe make it so that we can see them all in LE and have arrows to go scroll down by 1 level (because the scroll bar is so small it increments way too many levels at a time, even when I move it down 1 pixel)

EDIT: Now split to
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I agree; it's a problem that the search tab can only display 54 of a user's levels per search query.

I can edit the search_levels.php script to return the number of pages to the client so it displays correctly. Then, detection would be added to the client to make the page numbers disappear/change depending on if there's more or less than/equal to one page. Editing the client to display a custom number of Campaign pages wasn't all that difficult, so I don't imagine this should be.

So the end result would be:
- Clicking the search tab without a prior search shows no pages
- Returning data from search_levels.php would show the number of total pages
- If that number is less than or equal to one or data isn't found for the search query, don't show page nav
- If the number of pages is greater than one, show the number of pages on the page nav (with a maximum number of pages able to be displayed on the client for formatting purposes or an arrow of some kind that lets the user select pages above nine)

Edit: I've been thinking about this a bit more, and I think probably adding a ".." option after "9" would be the best. The client would then fill in the total number of pages and give you a box to type the desired page number.

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