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art w.i.p.
[Image: 2zh04y9.jpg]

I have 2 different versions for this idea vote for the one you like most

as a useable item
It's about 1 block big. when you use it, it flies in a straight direction until it hits a wall then it travels along the block edges, walls, floors and, ceilings it hurts everyone on it's path until it vanishes. it can break through bricks and crumple blocks too.

as a place able obstacle
1 and a half block big you can place it in the level editor like evil alien eggs and it will travel on walls, floors, and ceilings, infinitely. hurts when you touch it. it can be destroyed by bombs
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looks like something from fun run and has the same ability

not a bad idea
[Image: VnNsnRk.gif]
I like the art, don't have too much of an opinion on the item itself
I love sawblades in video games so much...and that art really does nail that PR2 artstyle. I'd be willing to accept it in either form, but preferably its LE form, as PR2 desperately needs some more interesting obstacles in the level editor. What I'm worried about is the possibility of its implementation.
Sounds cool
I'd say an obstacle because the breaking through bricks seems like it could break levels if able to be used as an item
hm, I like this as an obstacle but would it make you fall in a certain direction or would you just bounce along the top with whatever velocity you had before? because this could just act like a spike where you get hurt but fall off at the same time.

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Interesting concept…

(6th August 2019, 11:48 AM)Atari4600 Wrote: Atari4600: Why would you see Saw four before you saw Saw three for?

Don't end sentences in prepositions. That's something I'm against.

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