Level Editor Suggestion for Prf/Pr2
Know how it's fun to put rotate blocks in level editor and then have racers change directions.. Know what's not so fun? Having to create a map after you made the player hit the rotate block. I think it would be super nice to have a rotate button on level editor to easily create maps after the rotate block has been hit. This way you have to use much less brain power and you never have to flip your computer over to wrap your head around what blocks go where.

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+1 for qol but sad face for the PR charm that would be lost xd
Yeah I just saw this on a YT comment and was gonna make a thread but found this, although having it in the PRF section essentially puts it as a PRF suggestion only

YT comment I saw:
Matthew Cain: You should have it so that you can rotate during the level editor... That way you don't have to draw detailed drawings sideways and for logic puzzles you can think clearer without tilting your head or testing the level.
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