2 HH per Server per Day
There are less servers now
so 2 HH a day for each server sounds cool

especially since sometimes HH is at like 1am, 2am, 5am like today lol so it'd give more of a chance of HH for people in all places

could also limit the 2 a day to specific servers if you think it is a bit much
e.g. 2 a day for Derron and Carina and 1 a day for Grayan and Fitz
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yes, agree 100%
I think the RNG system currently is sufficient.
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I agree with Big E
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Sorry, but I'm not going to make any changes to the frequency of HH on servers. I've already fixed an issue where some servers didn't even get it at all. I *may* in the future make it possible to see when a server's normal HH is.

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