I Finna make a game
I've decided to throw aside my good friend Gamemaker: Studio Professional this time. Sorry old pal, but I want to learn the hardcore basics of coding, real coding, with real universal languages. I understand I've used GameMaker for hundreds (yes literally) of games I've made before but It's time to try to step forward, GMX is great, and there's a lot you can do with it, but I can't seem to ever figure our the Multiplayer or the 3D. And, I don't want to pay for add-ons anymore. 

Alright guys, why post this public? Well, I know some of you know a thing or two about coding and all that neeeerd stuff. I have some experience myself, such as the time I made the card game "War" when I was very young with Python. That was the first game I ever made by my self. Yes, it is a super simple game that took me like 3 lines of code to make but hey, I was like 5. (Maybe not but the lower I make my age the more like a Genius I sound).

Has anyone here ever made a game from scratch ( No, not Scratch™ the free online tool, that's even lower down the line) but from code? This is something I really want to learn how to do, without the aid of GameMaker Drag and Drop assistance. What should I use? 

My goal in the end, which may be long to come, is to make a Multiplayer game. 
Seat belts everyone!
- Bluelightning

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I kinda thought that I was the only person here who actually said, "Finna," too, ha. (Sorry.)
Making a game requires a whole assorted set of skills: coding, art, music, scripting, game design (obviously!), user interface design... the list goes on and on.

Most indie developers are severely lacking in some of these areas. This is just natural; it would be rather strange to find someone who is skilled in every area out of such a disparate set. I have yet to see an exception to this.

The bottom line is, if you want to make a game, team up with people who will help you with the areas you're lacking. At that point you need to add two very important skills to the set: game production and team leadership.
You'll find that a team of three or four people can do a lot more than just one person in this regard. Making a game isn't just coding, and it would prevent a lot of frustration (and a lot of bad games!) if people learned this early.
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Make a game from scratch? Make it in assembly. *insert Kappa* No, but if you want to learn to make a game from "scratch" without a game engine and you're a beginner then I recommend trying out Javascript.
I'm 17 and been saying I was gonna make a game for a decade now. Hope you have better luck than I ever did.
- Hunter

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