Favoriting and Following Users
Now I don't know if BLS2000-1 could implement this, but hopefully I've figured out a way in which this would be possible, at least to some degree.

Lookie here now:

[Image: fgxCczf.png]

Here's a cool level. But what's that next to that entrapped "?" in a circle? Could it be...a heart? Clicking on it would lead you to this:

[Image: 6LEOX7c.png]

My my, it's a FAVORITES toggle, of course! Clicking OK to this textbox would add this level to your favorites. Oh, and of course, you could even have a number of how many favorites a level has would be featured in the level's description.
How do you ACCESS your favorites, of course?  Have a gander over here...

[Image: QPIcKJP.png]

Why, isn't that a familiar face! But there are two things I want you to look at here. One would be the ever-so brilliantly photoshopped FAVORITES button. Clicking on this would lead you to a queue of levels that you have favorited in the past. Thing is, you could even see other people's favorites, too!

But the OTHER thing is that giant heart button in the top right corner. Considering BLSBirthOfChrist+1999 added a refresh button to the server browser, I figured he could add a fancy symbol in some other window of the game. My heartfelt request is that he add this heart to all user profiles.

Now what does this heart do, you ask? Clicking on this would FOLLOW the selected user (and unclicking it would do the opposite, you heartless monster). Now what would this entail? Well, at the minimum, I'm thinking that it should send an automated PM to whenever a followed user uploads a new level. Something like...

[Image: mWXc8x4.png]

...this! Clicking on the level would send you to a queue with only the level, and you could play it through right then and there. It'd be more hypertext-y, of course. Depending on its implementation, this could also be done for level updates and other things...but this would certainly be good enough.

That's the gist of it. I play a lot of Mario Maker and I like favoriting the levels I come across. I'm too lazy to search them up again, so some way to access the levels you like a lot would be much appreciated.

One issue with my idea is where you could find all your followed users. Uh...within the mess-of-tabs that is the Players tab? No no no, that simply cannot do. Tabs are a universal issue that cannot possibly be bested - we've all heard of Jiggmin's struggles with them. Maybe it could be squeezed in there somehow, who knows.

That's about it though. PLS get this in BLS!!!
[Image: aGf8Xvh.png]
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I wish pr2 had the favorite level feature a long time ago!! I’d think it would be a better idea to have the favorite button at the “level completed”/exp window better cuz it make sense you’d want to favorite after you finish it and you wouldn’t have to find the level again in the newest tab. I remember in the old pr2 days I played a really long level I liked alot that made good use of rotating blocks. Tho the newest tab updated so much I couldn’t find the title when i got to the lobby..
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I think this'd be good just incase you randomly find a great hidden gem level but after years and years of playing, you're gonna forget em all (or most) lol
love the presentation
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Hoo-ray, this is now (partially) in the game!
I wouldn't be opposed to being able to follow users, though! I think the implementation I outlined is certainly plausible, yes?
[Image: aGf8Xvh.png]
Aaaand as of 167, these ideas are fully implemented. Great ideas @Northadox!

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