Fox Set
I've been wanting parts that closely resemble my character, and the Cat set does it close, but not perfectly.

I made a Fox set for the game. .SVG included.
White is for normal color, yellow is for Epic color (set to dark-grey by default)

The set:

.SVG file:

.svg   fox set pr2.svg (Size: 27.78 KB / Downloads: 4)

EDIT: Recommended to open the .svg file in Scratch 2. Also, the Fox feet might not be implemented because they're almost the same thing as the Cat feet.

EDIT 2X: Wow, this post turned into an individual one. I genuinely didn't expect nor wanted this to happen. It's like I'm discovering JV2 again.
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I read this as fox sex
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Yea this'd be cool Big Grin

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