2020 Toyko Olympics
(This thread will be more exciting if/when they occur, I'll add medal tables and such (at least as well as I can on here))

The 2020 Olympics are to take place in under 6 months at this point

Here are some questions that could get the thread going:
Which countries do you think will be on top, any surprises?
Which of the 5 new sports are you most excited for?
How well do you think your country will do in the games?
Will Coronavirus (COVID-19) stop/postpone the games?

- I think USA will be on the top again, Rio 2016 was great cos we (Team GB) came 2nd I wonder though if we'll be able to do it again, since China was close as well last Olympics. I think Japan will do above average as they're the hosts.
- I think sport climbing sounds interesting out of the new sports
- I think we'll do decently judging by recent form and if we don't get top 5 I'll be surprised, I'm hoping for top 3
- I think postponing/stopping the Olympics would be a big financial loss, so they'll want to get more data before coming to a conclusion on it stopping the games
I definitely think they will at least get suspended. The three of the four major sports leagues (since the NFL is not in season) and the MLS in the United States/Canada have suspended their seasons for now. (Preface that I am not a medical professional) It is difficult to project into the future because something new can happen any day, but I do not see the Olympics happening at their scheduled start time, since it is a global event and there is a greater risk with that.

I have not looked into it, but I wonder if this pandemic is currently affecting the progress of building the infrastructure for the games. Say health-wise the games can go on, but the infrastructure is delayed for a month, is still feasible to hold the Games?

Positively speaking, I am excited to see the skateboarding competition, but I am a little disappointed that there is not a vert competition.
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Yeah they have postponed it now

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