Set Hats for a Race
How about a checkbox to allow and disallow certain hats?

[Image: R6k9q6v.png]

[Image: CB4H6fU.png]
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yeeee I like this idea!
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It might be a little too exclusionary to REQUIRE a hat, but I like the "Hats Allowed" aspect!
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In my opinion, I like the idea but just like there has been levels that does "Wear Santa, Party, Crown & Exp Hat" (just an example) you can't guarantee/know what others will wear.

I think if there's a way to know when a person clicks the level and can announce their hat in-chat for this type of category of the map it'll be better??

I know this is just asking for levels for 1 hat but this idea has potential for a lot of uses in PR2.

Anyways, just my 2 cent on it & hope it get looks at for a future update
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This was added in v161!

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