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i ain't gonna front with you guys: i'm absolutely atrocious at looking around forums. any and all help on maneuvering around forums is appreciated. maybe post a handy tip or a cool trick in forums here?  Smile
For starters, if you have a favorite forum, you can choose to subscribe to it! When you subscribe to a forum, you get an email on any new threads in that forum!

[Image: CjKOWc7.png]

Click on the "subscribe to this forum" button!
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I'm not too sure how much of help I can be but I'll give it a try. Smile

"Ask a Mod" for help from the moderators/admins on recovering pr2/JV accounts and other cool stuffs.
There's many different thread categories to help you organize your own threads and/ or find other threads related to that topic.
There's so many current PR2 contests you can join to earn some cool prizes. (Find in the Platform Racing 2 category)
There's also some discord servers you can join to get to know the community and the people better. Smile
Sorry if I wasn't much help!
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