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Don't Move Collab #1 is up !
Thanks to everyone who made a section (even you bi3liu, even if it broke the level trying to add it in last minute Frown ), it turned out into a pretty fun don't move with no art cause I suck !

Not sure if polls even work in blogs, but whatever, would anyone be interested in making some other quick collabs like that in the future ?

---> Collab 1 by Dont Move
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I just played it! It was really good nice job you guys
Not bad, I've never done a dont move collab where I was limited to a space of 20x20 blocks (i do understand why this was done tho i think) and I think bc of that, it looks more like a dont move "compilation" instead of 1 fluid dont move level
I loved being apart of it!!! Smile

Def looking forward to more in the future Bow
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Ah I forgot to enter this with all school stuff going on
The level is super cool though and I'd love to see more stuff like this in future (and actually participate lmao)

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