Level Editor changes
Level Editor is a very important and beloved part of PR2. Here's a few ideas regarding it that I've seen being thrown over the last months:

Personalised Level Editor

Now when you enter level editor, your characters style and custom stats will be active when you test a level! 

Alternatively, an easier way to adjust stats in LE would be great as well - Something like being able to left click the numbers showing the stats, and typing in the new number, instead of using the unreliable bars to change your stats around.

Hovering sections copy/paste/delete
Another program that people use to create their levels in (I'm blanking on the name) already allows for this. 
Simply holding left click to hover a larger portion of a map and then copy pasting that section as well as being able to delete everything in the marked section at once.

Those are two ideas, but generally a more accessible level editor would (presumably) make for more maps being created, and good maps raises player activity. Definitely something to consider.
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The custom set and stats is cool it's something in PR3 LE I remember

Yeah having the numbers be able to be typed in LE for stats would be great (and very important), because right now there are some values you just can't test unless you either have bigger PR2 than the usual 550x400 or zoom in on it

Is the program NAXXOL? but yeah that's another thing in PR3 LE, if there's 1 thing I think PR3 excels at it's the LE (although I do prefer the gameplay of PR2)
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The level editor you're referring to is probably naxxol indeed, I think Firebird made it. It's still online
video sequence with copy paste and reflect stuff

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