Permanent Stun [Bug]
The permanent stun bug as requested. I am not able to recreate the permanent stun caused by hitting a bomb and touching a net shortly afterwards  every time because it is a timing thing. However there are some other instances of this bug that I have noticed through experience... I do have some theories of why this happens but I can't confirm...let me know if you need more info.

Can you get the bomb permanent glitch to work outside of LE? I have a theory that if you hit the RESTART button in LE, it creates weird glitches like if you hit restart when your testing a level and hit a rotate block and spawns you way off. I’m not saying that those are conntected, but I just have a feeling that it has something to do with hitting the restart button over and over
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It can be done outside of LE. Only reason I did it in LE was because it took me a lot of tries to do it and in LE I can just restart quickly.
Getting permanently stunned in trap levels is not uncommon at all! It does infact happen outside of LE, and more often than you'd think too.
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