I'm gonna be honest about the scavenger hunt/why it hasn't come out yet.

I've been getting shafted at my job. High hours with low pay, no overtime, just a real messy situation. I've had no free time to relax, let alone work on the scavenger hunt ever since the first one was cancelled. 

I had every intention to complete the new version as soon as I could, but things just keep coming up irl that I can't control. I still intend to complete it at some point, but if someone else wants to work on it instead and hold the contest, just make a thread in AAM and I'm sure the lovely mods can work it out with you.

I'm really sorry for letting you all down and not finishing what I started. Some good news is, I was able to find another temporary job and have put in my two-weeks notice for this job that I have now. I'm still looking for a job in my career field, but the market right now due to COVID is understandably dry. I'm not sure how much free time I'll have with my new job, but I will be making considerably more money with considerably less labor.

Again, I apologize. Frown
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Hey, there is no shame in sorting things out IRL, especially job stuff. We are all just trying to survive in this HYPER CAPITALISTIC society huh. Hope to see you again soon!
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i honestly forgot your hunt was a thing
I've always appreciated your honesty and candor as the host of this event. Not being able to deliver on what one set out to do is always difficult, but you're doing everything right by keeping us updated. Take as long as you need. IRL comes first!

I post about the latest site updates on the Dev Log. If you have suggestions, feel free to post them here.
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