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Skating Progression
I'm putting this here while I attempt to find some sort of blog site that wont die lel, plus It'll save me spamming blogs over and over again with different tricks - Check in if you care enough Tongue I'm always progressing Smile If I land a trick and dont have a video (or If I need to find it) It'll be with a '[video]' placeholder text Wink

Latest trick learnt: Frontside 180 Smile 

Legacy Progression:

First ollie on camera: [video]
First rolling ollie on camera: [video]
Pop shuvit: [no vid Frown]
Ollie improvements: [video]
First Ollie OVER something: [video]
First Frontside 180 on camera: [video]

Formatted as "[Trick]: [First recorded version] | [Cleaner version]"

Ollie: [video] | [video]
Pop shuvit: [video] | [video]
180 Revert: [video] | [video]
Frontside 180: [video] | [video]


Tail Manual (I cant do them!!!! help please?? I can barely get into position on these let alone ride them Frown )
Backside 180
Heelflip (just gotta stick em, ughhhh)
Ollie onto a curb (consistently, i got it like 3-4 times last week but I chicken out lol)
50-50 ledge grind

I apologize in advance for the lack of videos, ill most likely start updating them tomorrow or sometime soon. Hope everyone has progressed on something this spring Smile
[Image: QbNSkSz.png]
Youre gonna go for a heelflip before a kickflip..?
(7th July 2020, 5:42 PM)JEEJAYEM Wrote: Youre gonna go for a heelflip before a kickflip..?
Comes wayyy more natural for me, I ride goofy so it might be a contributing factor but i can get the board to spin easier than I can a kickflip. I can do the spin of a kickflip for sure but the motion of the heel feels right to me
[Image: QbNSkSz.png]
I love how you're tracking your progression. I've wanted to try and get into skateboarding but I think my knees are too weak ; _ ;
With just a little more practice, you will be able to ollie down a twenty-five stair set in no time.
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