I guess I never officially introduced myself...
I've gone by many names on PR2: V.O.I.D., leola, murtz, among others, but you're free to call me by my real name Jacob if you wish. I've held this account for a few months already but you can expect to see me picking up the activity (relative to the pretty low rate of activity here anyway). In all honesty I made this thread because the notif kept telling me to, but either way, here I am. If you don't know me from the game already, I'll be happy to get to know you here Heart
"You have to ask yourself... what brought the person to this point. What was seen in his face, his manner, that channeled him here. You have to convince yourself... that this person has something hidden, that you have to find. You check his bags, but it's his face, his gestures that you're really watching."
well hello ther
Hi! Good to see you Smile
chur welcome

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