how much should i spend
I need a new laptop.

I'm looking at macbooks on my local facebook marketplace. Does anyone know a good price range for a decent, secondhand macbook?

Looking at around a 2015-2018 macbook.
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With it being a macbook you're going to be overcharged for it no matter where you look. Looking like $450-$800 for used. Could build an absolute beast PC for that price.
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$500 max
Dont get a macbook. Based on what ive heard, you can get a gaming laptop with better specs for a cheaper price than a macbook
DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT pleasseeee DO NOT buy a MacBook. You would be paying a massive premium for that Apple emblem.
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If it is just the mac os he wants he could probably download it on a different laptop
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I kind of share the same sentiments as most other people here, but I am not fully on the Apple bash train. Apple is pretty overpriced, but their products are great in my non uber tech savvy opinion (*bracing for all the tech people of this site to say I am absolutely wrong and Apple is atrocious*).

My two cents (this is going to be explained poorly) is that if you are trying to use your laptop to run a bunch of niche programs and more of a commercial use (work, school, hooking it up to different things), then I would suggest getting a PC. Seeing it with my father and people I go to school with, you have to do different work arounds to install/run programs that would be a breeze to install in Windows. If I recall, Apple laptops do not have any ports for USB, HDMI, etc., so you would have to buy proprietary adapters (although it seems the 2015 models have all of these ports).

If gaming is important, I think you can get a gaming PC for a cheaper price and better specs. Another thing with this is Macs cannot run 32 bit (and lower) games anymore (from like Steam or a disc (even though disc drives being included are being phased out)) because the latest OS (Catalina) removed the supports for them (example is my father updated to Catalina and cannot play "Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization" anymore). I do not know about things like Abandonware, though. 

If all you want to do is have the computer for personal use and use it with the standard Apple applications/work with pretty universal applications (e.g. Microsoft Office), then Macs are better than Windows (imho). I think their UI is better than windows and has good synergy with other Apple products. The question is, do you want to shell out the extra price just for an Apple product? (personally, probably not)

Regarding the original question: With a small search it looks like the cheapest used Macbooks are around $600 (all in all in a range of ~$600-900). Check out Newegg and see their refurbished Apple section.
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