PR2 v162: Gone Shopping
PR2 v162: Gone Shopping

This update contains an overhaul of the Vault of Magics, as well as some various changes and bug fixes.

- The instructions link has changed. This is a huge change deserving of all the media attention in the world. It's now at instructions.php instead of pr2_instructions.php.
- Trial mods can no longer view IP addresses. We probably should've changed this a while ago. Oh well, better late than never!
- Guild transferring is now done solely from the game. No more clicking a clunky link that opens a clunky form on PR2 Hub -- you'll get a nice little popup in the game that allows you to put a guild transfer request through.
- You can now use this page to log into PR2 Hub. This will let you use some of the resources available on PR2 Hub only (e.g., viewing your priors).
- There's now a new command to see the current level's information. Type /level in any game chat to see the current level's information. Thanks for the suggestion, @Overbeing!
- You can now earn the Epic Bee Body in-game! It's won on Zerostar (SuperJump) by Overbeing.
- There's a new method of obtaining the Kong Hat and the Ant Set. Buuuuuuut... it's a secret! See if you can figure out how... Wink (thanks to everyone who shared their suggestions!)
- The Vault of Magics is a whole lot easier to use now! More on that below.

Vault of Magics Changes
- You can now use the vault anywhere. A nice change from needing to be on Kong all the time. The only requirement is that you're at least a member.
- Kreds have been replaced by a PR2-specific currency. The currency is simply called "Coins" at this moment, but that may change in the future. Coins are purchased by clicking a new link at the bottom of the vault popup in PR2. Ordering is powered by PayPal. PR2 never collects your personal information, including payment information.
- Items may now be purchased in quantities. @Colind will love this one. Smile
- A new chat command allows you to see the time remaining in your vault rentals. You can type /rentals to see your active rentals. It will also tell you when they expire.

- Leaving guilds now works again. Thanks to everyone who reported this!
- Registering an account makes that one the only option the player has to log in. This was a weird, simple, yet complex bug that has now been fixed.
- The PM notification works as intended again. This fixes a bug that cleared the PM notification when the player entered a race.

I post about the latest site updates on the Dev Log. If you have suggestions, feel free to post them here.
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