Big Brother: Trials and Temptations RE-DUX
(7th December 2021, 4:24 PM)JEEJAYEM Wrote: 25

(7th December 2021, 4:47 PM)Ashley766 Wrote: 26

We, Jiggmin's court of opinion, hereby find you guilty of combo breaking and being an accomplice in combo breaking. You are hence sentenced to 10 minutes of manual labor in the crypto mines.
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Here we are, 4 months later Frown
I feel even if this does come back, getting momentum might be tricky
Yeah :/
Yeah I've given up on this, and I think Resarekt has too
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So....yeah...umm I think...I think it's time to close this thread. I just don't honestly see myself completing a season hosting by myself. I thought I could and believe me I tried my damndest...but it was just not meant to be
Big Brother Council is ALWAYS watching
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