[PR2 Bug] Teleport blocks and art
Problem: Editing teleport blocks causes the paintbrush tool to be selected if it has been selected previously

Type of Problem: [?]

Expected Behaviour: it to not happen

Actual Behaviour: but it does

Steps to Reproduce the Problem: Place a teleport block in the block layer, go to an art layer of your choice, select the paintbrush tool, go back to the block layer and change the colour of the tele block, now after you exit the colour picker you'll have the paintbrush selected and will draw in the previous art layer you were on. This stays with you and through all the layers until you select a block or stamp or something of that nature. Going to Block, BG or Setting tab will draw on the last art layer you were on.
It's hard to fully explain so I have made a vid and posted to JV2 discord server (link below)

Additional Information (pics/vids are welcome and encouraged!)https://discord.com/channels/52867952270...1745877062

I had to make the vid poor quality so it could fit in 8mb (I probably overdid it lol) but the bug is clear to see in the video.
Fixed in 167

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