Speedrunner of the Week V3 #24
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Welcome to Speedrunner of the Week, a contest tailored for the fastest players in Platform Racing 2! We have the racers, the fast racers, and those who are above them all: Speedrunners. Do you have what it takes to become a Speedrunner?

🔧 How does it work? 🔧
  • Each week a new level is given a target time and expert time for contestants to beat. If you complete the target time you get 1 point added onto your total score. If you are super speedy and also manage to complete the expert time you will gain 1 extra point, bringing your total to 2 just from beating the set times.

  • You can also gain points if you place in a podium spot against your competitors: if you set the fastest time that week you will gain 3 points, if you come in with the second fastest time you will get 2 points, and if you set the third fastest time you will get 1 extra point. Make note however, you will only be granted these podium points if you have beaten the target time.

  • Submissions will close on Sunday 12:00AM EDT. Be sure to convert this time into your own timezone if necessary to avoid any late submissions!
📔 Rules: 📔
  • Any runs that have been posted after the submission date will not be counted for that week. Please note that Sunday 12:00AM EDT is your deadline and not when I post the "submission's closed" comment on the thread.

  • You are allowed to submit as many runs as necessary; you are not just limited to one.

  • You are not allowed to use any form of hacks or TAS in your submitted run, doing so will get you banned from participating in any further SOTW events.

  • Any form of glitching which wasn't intended by the creator of the level will not be allowed. If you are unsure whether a glitch is allowed or not, feel free to ask me in a thread post or through Discord.

  • You are not allowed to involve multiple players in your speedrun. however, you are allowed to have someone spectate you for any assistance purposes such as recording runs.

  • In the event of a level with 'Super Flying Cowboy Mode' (SFCM): unless the level uses this mode as a hat remover or if the level specifically requires the use of SFCM, all runs that have this mode enabled must be reset. Any runs that have this mode enabled when it's prohibited will be voided.

  • You are only allowed to use up to 195 stat points (Rank 45).

  • You are not allowed to use any hats which may affect the time of the speedrun. Hats which you are allowed to use include: Exp Hat, Kong Hat, Party Hat, Jigg Hat, Thief Hat and the Jellyfish Hat.

  • You are allowed to get the stat advantages from any of the stat blocks around the level.

  • Regarding video submissions, only video submissions which have been posted on this thread will be allowed. I will not be accepting any downloadable files as submissions. Please make sure that in your video you are also showing your in-game stats, as well as a clear video on your ending time.
🎁 Prizes! 🎁
  • 10 Points - Crocodile Set (+Epic Upgrades)

  • 20 Points - Epic Blobfish Head

  • 30 Points - 5,000,000 Experience

  • 40 Points - Bat Set (+Epic Upgrades)

  • 50 Points - 10,000,000 Experience
The prize wheel will be rotatable meaning anyone who gets to 50 points is allowed to win the same prizes again!

For any inquiries feel free to message down below or DM me on Discord at Tymbuh#0001.

🌠 Level Selected for This Week: 🌠

Speed Realm by Dutany (4869722)

🎯 Target Time: 🎯

🏆 Expert Time: 🏆

🥇 Previous Winner: 🥇
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Speed Realm by Dutany
[Image: AQRya39.png]
[Image: q2GRKUL.png]
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Kept messing up A LOT somewhere in the run, especially that qucick water release of the stat block... and those mines, yikes

Got a 1:04.95 after hitting a bomb in the end section (lucky redirection at least), could have been closer to Master Raiden maybe. The pace was nice and better than this one here until then, maybe a tad slower than his though (high 1:02 ?), but eh I got the sub 1:05 , yay

Real run at 2:02 Embarrassed

If you're reading this, it means I have not made a cool signature yet and you should be proud of yourself.
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Submissions closed!

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