[PR2 Bug] Stats/rank tokens bug
this monstrosity originally reported by @Benedani


(Messing with rank tokens with 0 speed allows values higher than the value that should be allowed for that rank. This doesn't actually have any effect on anyone else since the game checks your stats when you enter a race, but it's a cosmetic thing.)

EDIT: Fixed in 167

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This bug may be possible from other methods too (besides setting speed to 0), as I previously had a higher value on my main account than I should've had (see https://imgur.com/U8sMxlL and https://imgur.com/VCXbRmx) but don't recall setting my speed to 0. It changed automatically to the correct 77 stat points after setting my stats to 50-50-50. Here's my original response to the bug https://jiggmin2.com/forums/showthread.p...2#pid58042
I've just noticed my alts all currently have higher values too https://i.imgur.com/nJa9FnH.png https://i.imgur.com/B1EpFLu.png
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