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Motivation- Don't Quit Yet!
Alright people, so I've been MIA with new threads lately, due to working on assignments in university as a full-time student. But now that I'm back, I figured I would come up with a thread that should hit pretty hard for a little while. Why am I making this thread? Only because I love competition and truly believe that ties should be broken to reach 1st place. So, mainly this thread is just to see if I can motivate Colind to take one last dive for Rank 81 before making his final exit. I'll be playing devil's advocate to see how things work out with this thread, and yeah, wish me luck. Also, I already got his permission to do this. I want to see if this thread is powerful enough to change his mind. If not, I tried lol.

(26th August 2021, 10:23 PM)Colind Wrote: I'll see you for the 'Rank 80' in about 253 days from now Tongue

My man, is it possible that you can make that final push for Rank 81? I know you're done after ranking up your alt's and you want to remain at rank 80 with AlphaZ and fdx3, but think about how great it would be to have an 81 on the horizon 😯 By the time he gets there, you would already be 81 by Spring of next year. Picture this: 81, 76, 75, 75, 75.

"What kind of competitor see's the finish line and slows down... always finish strong." -Gary Ryan Blair.

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(29th May 2021, 7:26 PM)Colind Wrote: @FDX3 @AlphaZ get this rank so we can be THE 3 MUSKETEER (:

[Image: hulk-hogan-not-done-yet.gif]

[Image: 37qS.mp4]

Think about this for a minute... are you really gonna be happy with two to three 80s in the game?

(5th June 2021, 3:20 AM)Colind Wrote: I highly doubt I'll get to 81, I am still macroing for the fact I am wrapping up my alts rank goals then after that I am done.

[Image: Id%20Like%20to%20See%20You%20Try.gif]

If you decide to stop at 80, you're gonna look back one day and say 'damn, why didn't I finish that rank'. By the time you reach your alt's rank goals, your bar will be halfway full. Don't settle for a glass that's halfway full! Why not finish the rest? Be different, @Colind. Be #1. Be the leader. "Just do it!" -Nike

(29th May 2021, 7:17 PM)Colind Wrote: Personally I think @AlphaZ should be #1 in my eyes and maybe he should since I am basically stopping and he can get his alts to 78's by the time he hits rank 80.

Nah, fam... please don't settle for that. No offense @AlphaZ, just friendly competition 😁

[Image: ZC2l.gif]
[Image: giphy.gif]

What does it feel like to drop the ball at 80 and settle for a tie?
[Image: giphy-downsized-large.gif]

What's the difference between 80 and 81? The 1, as in #1. Different! Better than most. Don't be the same. You may not care now, but you'll see one day.

I hope I motivated you enough to go for that one last rank @Colind 💪🏼
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