PR2 v166: Spooky Randomness
PR2 v166: Spooky Randomness

Happy belated Halloween! This update contains adds a new feature and a new set, as well as some bug fixes and optimizations.

- You can now randomize your character's style! There's a new button above the top color picker on the account tab which lets you customize the look of your character. Thanks for the suggestion, @Magniloquent!
- There's a new guy in town! Fred was trying to decide what to wear for his very chic and spooky Halloween soirée when he came across a gladiator costume dating back to ancient Rome. Even though it was too small for him, he loved how it looked. Now, Fred is a benevolent cactus first and foremost, so he decided to call on the very talented @~JBG~ (thank you!) to draw a gladiator set for PR2! You can get it by by completing Romªn Empire by Overbeing (level ID: 3385938).

- There's now better handling for server errors. Under certain circumstances, the server may only return success being false with no additional information, which the game previously treated as everything being fine. That is now fixed.
- Loading a loadout now preserves the last epic color properly. Previously, under certain circumstances, the epic color would appear as white until the account tab was reloaded. Thanks the report, @ProClifo (and for your help in testing, @Master Raiden)!
- The game no longer crashes under certain drawing circumstances. When not using lossless art quality, there was a bug that crashed the game if the art rasterized too many times. More information can be found here.
- Vanish blocks no longer break when a player quits or finishes while they're vanished. Previously, a player could stand in the square of a vanish block, forfeit, and completely disable it for everyone else. Thanks for the report, @Stxtics!

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