Color Coded Players
Different colored squares on the mini map so you can tell who's who, instead of making all opponents a blue square. Maybe even a way to choose what color you display as, or randomly generate a color for each player. Then leave the usernames on the left hand side and color coordinate them with their mini map color.

It's been recently suggested to say what place each racer is in, but this would be much easier to add.

[Image: c09A0nP.png]
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I like this idea. Random generation would have to have some additional parameters to ensure the colors are different enough to really stand out, wouldn't want 2 different players with slightly varying shades of blue. Choosing your own color sounds interesting, but there'd have to be something in place that chooses a different color in the instance 2 players have the same color chosen

Another way I was thinking it could be done is have it decided by which place you are starting the race, which is of course determined by when you clicked on the level. This would make things simple by only having 4 colors
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Not a bad idea @Mystery It would make sense, instead of having the same colored squared as everyone else. Since you suggested this idea, I'm going to have to add an enhancement to mine, since this idea is related.
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Cool idea
Altho the names you put on the left it might be good to have an extra white/black border around it (dependant on the colour) so that the name doesn't blend into the blocks

The thing with placements (to whoever suggested that one) is that it'd be impossible pretty much, some levels go right -> left, some loop on themself, etc.
plus even having checkpoints people could still glitch past and it wouldn't work retroactively
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I don’t see colour so no
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Yemlo and Co.
About damn time someone titles the thread with the correct spelling
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