PR head on r/place
[Image: 9KGi1L1.png]

I don't think many people here know, but the PR head made it on r/place! For those unaware, r/place was a reddit event where there's a big canvas, and you could change one pixel every 5 minutes. This made it incredibly hard to make even something small like this PR head, as some people would randomly place pixels over it to grief it or make builds of their own. There were some other renditions which were worked on by a small group of us before they got removed by other builders. Shoutout to Tuxi for doing most of the work on this one. It actually made it on some of the final screenshots of r/place!
Have a wonderful day
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That's so cool! It certainly gives a new meaning to the phrase "Platform Racing Forever". Smile

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Nice Big Grin
Nearly 15 years later and our community is still a living force on the internet. Great to see.
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ey nice I did not notice there was platform racing bit on place
I was helping out other group on r/place and ours was there at end too Cool
we did it reddit!
sorry I mean we did it jv2!
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Yemlo and Co.

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