[PR2 Bug] Level Editor - Cowboy + Speed Burst item alters stats
Problem: Switching to the Cowboy Hat while holding a speed burst in Level Editor sets all your stats to 100, even after changing back to another hat. This might have something to do with speed bursts and stat changes.
Type of Problem: Client
Expected Behavior: Prior stats are restored when switching to another hat
Actual Behavior: All stats remain at 100

Steps to Reproduce the Problem:
1. Grab a Speed Burst
2. Change hat to Cowboy Hat
(these two steps can be done in any order)
3. Change hat to something else

Video of the bug
[Image: q2GRKUL.png]
This bug just will not quit! I'll look into it to see what's going on.

In the meantime -- does this work in a race when you have a hat change as well (i.e., getting and losing a cowboy hat)?

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This does appear to happen in races as well.

[Image: q2GRKUL.png]

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