Breaking the Top 100: 2022 Edition
If you were around in the old days of JV, you'll remember the birth of the jump-start hat. The original method of obtaining was a team effort: if Team Jiggmin broke into the top 100 teams on Folding at Home, "every PR2 player in existence [would] earn a jump-start hat".

Now, we're bringing it back.

If Team Jiggmin once again breaks into the top 100 folding teams, every PR2 player that logs in from this point forward will receive a one-time rank-up.

Happy folding!


22/Jul/2022: Starting at rank 155.

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Not to be a debbie downer or anything, but this is highly unrealistic. Top 100 now is no where near the equivalent of what Top 100 was pre-covid era. Top 100 would require an additional 8.6 billion points from our current total which would realistically be the burden of only the top folders of the team. So take that into account, and the fact that every team above us would quite literally need to power off their folding machines for 1+ years for us to catch up.
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Let's be real here

The Top 3 Players/Folders at the moment can only do 35M PPD if we work together that would still take 246 days just to get 8.6B points on top of whatever more day delays we get since the other teams are folding and not taking a break..

I love how you have this ridiculous notion to try for the top 3 players that are fahing to do your guys biding while everyone else legit has to not fahed and gets a free rank up.. smh.

If you honestly want us to even try to attempt something like that you got to give everyone else who can't fahed like us the 1 rank up and the top 3 folders 3B exp to our account (each), fah set, arti hat if we don't have one.
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Tbh I'd be fine if it was just the people who did a significant contribution who got the rankups
Closing this thread.

The terms and conditions of this incentive is outlined in the original post and will be firm.

Happy folding!!

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