Very depress
how to cure an bad depresson. 
and lonelyness everytime and day. Jiggmim Village is an escape forme  Frown  
Unfortunately am not yemlo at the moment. Every time is an at night am so sad

sorryt for post bit i want to express 

ty fornreading

Yemlo and Co.
Don't depend on other people for your own happiness.
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Can't give you any advice cause I'm depressed and lonely myself. I'm just taking it one day at a time and hoping things get better. I hope things get better for you too.
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Happiness doesn’t come to you unfortunately, go out & get it
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As said don't rely on others for happiness, you still need human connection of course but you gotta be able to be happy when alone too. You may do some of these things already but here's my advice:

I recommend focusing on improving yourself and figuring out what you want from life. Working out is a great way to feel good and build confidence, I especially recommend running for the cardio portion. Focus on your hobbies more and consider picking up new ones. Get really good at them, set goals and reach them, then set higher goals

There's a lot of things I can recommend but it's best to focus on a few things at a time as to not get overwhelmed. It can be hard to find motivation to do anything when depressed but you'll have to have discipline, once you start doing something you feel much better and are glad you started doing it. For loneliness consider joining clubs, frequenting places, joining other online communities that interest you, going to events, etc.

Hope things get better for you
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