Wow wow wow where have I been
Okay...yes I keep doing this yearly hi I'm back thing...and then disappear into thin air lol

Lemme catch y'all up to speed!

If you didn't know...since graduating from UIC in May 2021...I am now officially engaged! I proposed to my wonderful gf, now fiancé, in January of 2022...and we plan on getting married in Sept. 2024! for why I could literally never finish the BB campaigns...well...simply put...I bought off more than I could chew for one person. That being said...and knowing that the activity level is crucial...I wouldn't be against trying again...maybe not hosting but helping out...or shoot even JOINING!

Umm yeah...I think that is all for me right now...peace

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Congratz man! Glad to hear you are doing good IRL!
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Congratulations, man! Also, it's good to hear from you, again.
Ey awesome on the irl stuff!
Also if you do host BB again maybe it should be 2 or 3 ppl hosting so if one gets rly busy the others can keep it going

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