PR2 v168: Always Watching
PR2 v168: Always Watching

This update contains some new features, as well as some minor bug fixes.

- Level creators can now bypass their own levels' requirements in the lobby. Passwords and minimum rank requirements be... darned. Thanks for the suggestion, @Camer the Dragon and @AlphaZ!
- SPECTATE MODE! Follow players across the map with ease. Thanks for the suggestion, @Camer the Dragon!

- Artifact hints that contain special characters now show properly. Ah, double escapes. Thanks for the report, @Ashley766!
- The button that switches to the landscape menu back from the pen tool works again. Thanks for the report, @Ashley766!
- The color of the text in the text tool will now always be black when being edited. This allows the text always to be seen while editing, even if it's set to a lighter color. Thanks for reporting this, @oxy!
- The block grid now shows and hides properly in the level editor. Someone definitely brought this bug to my attention, but I can't remember who. Thank you, mystery person!

Technical Changes
- Player positions now update more frequently in levels. This accompanies the spectate mode change (in an effort to provide a smoother experience). If games become considerably slower, I will reduce the update rate back to what it was before.

Known Issues
- Spectating a rotating player causes them to disappear for a split second. This is due to a bug with the way player positions are updated after rotating.
- Spectate mode does not rotate with the player being spectated. I'll need to add functionality for this in a future version of PR2.

- JV got a Facebook! Find all of our socials here.

EDIT: PR2 v168.0.1 fixes an issue that caused rotate blocks not to work properly. Thanks for the report, @Atari4600!

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Note the spectate idea is also mentioned here in Motley Monday 16 and I think is where I got the idea originally


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