Custom Eggs
We have custom item blocks, custom stat blocks, what's next, CUSTOM EGG BLOCKS! Simple, be able to choose what items they contain, and maybe even the interval that they shoot the items out at? (not sure if this second part is modifiable in the code)

I think this wouldn't be too hard to implement but would help while adding creative elements with eggs and being able to use them for an actual purpose rather than just shooting randomly. 

[Image: gCRnghQ.png]]

This is a part in Dog Sled by Stunt where a player falls from that teleport block, then the eggs see the player, freeze the water, and the player falls through the blocks to get to the next part. 

But.. sometimes it's kinda slow and forces me to spam multiple eggs in order to increase the chance that they freeze right away. It would be way easier and cooler if I could set just 1 egg that had the ice wave item, it would make parts like this much smoother. Plus sometimes I only want them to use gun/sword, but not freeze players too, so there are lots of purposes that I could see fit with having custom eggs. 

The default can still be set to the eggs containing all the items.
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If you could set eggs to do stuff they'd be so much more useful

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