Account Verification
Verification is a new status for notable accounts in the community. You'll see icons on user profiles on PR2 and JV.

What Verification Is
- A way to identify notable members of the community
- An impersonation deterrent

What Verification Is NOT
- A prize
- An excuse to break the rules

For now, only special accounts (like Fred, Sir, and Clint), current staff, former admins, former modern-era mods (people modded after I became admin), current/former CAs, and anyone in the PR2 credits (all of whom don't share their accounts) are eligible for verification. We plan to expand this program to notable community members in the future.

We take account safety and security extremely seriously, which is why we've decided to implement this system. If you find a verified user abusing their status (e.g., using it to scam, asking for passwords, sharing their account, etc), please report this to a staff member.

I post about the latest site updates on the Dev Log. If you have suggestions, feel free to post them here.
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