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Philadelphia Eagles
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New England Patriots
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Super Bowl Predictions?
Not sure how many of you guys follow American football, but the Super Bowl is in two weeks, Philadelphia Eagles vs. New England Patriots. Who do you guys have winning? I’ve been an Eagles fan all my life so finally we have another chance at winning.
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I think deflated footballs will win.

Sincerely (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ ~Stunt Man~ ♥

Your team does not have the Andy Reid show this year so there is a chance of winning. However, the Patriots are a much better, especially with Brady at quarterback, so I am going with the Patriots.

Fun fact: The Empire State Buliding made their lights the colors of the Eagles and Patriots; the colors of the two biggest rivals of the local teams (Patriots for Jets and Eagles for Giants). As a fan of both teams, you tried.
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Here's my superbowl prediction. Thousands of American families will flock together, meet with their cousins, the neighbors, etc. to watch the big game with each other. Despite team fanatics tearing each other apart year after year, this process is repeated.

Some get drunk, some throw stuff. And some families are healthy. Some can successfully host a superbowl party for all interested in American football, but nothing is left for the people who are not interested. For those who don't care about sports, and perhaps don't even consider it a topic worth discussing at all, perhaps they are excluded for an entire day, away from their families, friends, and from anybody whom they may come across. It's just a single day, hardly could be important to anyone.

But perhaps to a thousand people, it does matter, and perhaps to one in a thousand people, they begin to isolate themselves. Just as every year produces one single outlier out of a thousand to choose from, I predict this year will produce the same result. This is my only prediction for the Superbowl 2018, and perhaps it will remain the same for the rest of my life.
I predict I will become super in 10 days.

but forreal tho patriots will probably win, I assume. But I don't really watch it and just listen to my dad who says its rigged.
life can be cut short. try to enjoy it.

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