Poll: What do you think of Andrew Tate after this interview?
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I think Tate is giving Matt his receipt for publishing dishonest journalism and spreading false lies about him being a misogynist.
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Wow, this makes me realize how much of a narcissistic, self-entitled loser he really is.
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Matt needs to stop being so obsessed with interviewing Tate because he’s only going to figure out a way to put him back in jail.
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Who the hell does this type of shit?! I think Tate needs to put himself into Matt’s shoes for a change.
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Matt is getting what he deserves… plain and simple!
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If I flew all the way to see Tate, and he somehow manipulated me into giving him a box of chocolates for no interview, I’d kick his ass!
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I say let Top G have is fun. Matt is a DNG (Dork and a Geek), plain and simple; I just wanna kick his ass because I don’t like him, nor do I like VICE!
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Don’t take Tate seriously.
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My feelings are neutral about this interview. Although, I wouldn’t waste my time standing outside someone’s house for hours waiting to do an interview.
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You’re not going to play games with me like that, and then demand that I bring you chocolates for nothing!!!
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0:22 Tate speaks on Vice News.

0:58 Tate speaks on Pierce Morgan Interview

1:18 Tate speaks on Vice again.

2:26 Tate speaks on Matt from Vice.

3:10 Tate's conversation with Matt starts, aka Geek on line 1

5:12 Matt asks for another interview

8:13 Matt mentions Tate wants the opportunity to film and record the interview himself

8:30 Matt claims he didn't edit Tate's responses to make it look like he was stuttering, during the vice interview

9:39 Conversation continues

10:13 Matt claims he and his team do not dishonestly edit interviews

10:54 Tate thinks about another interview

11:10 Tate wants an interview in exchange for a 5 pound, box of chocolates 🍫

11:55 Conversation ends

12:02 Tate's plot to manipulate Matt into bringing him a 5-pound, box of chocolates 🍫

12:50 Matt calls again, aka Nerd, to confirm that chocolates will be brought to Tate in exchange for an interview

14:36 Matt shows up to Tate's House

15:26 Tate & Tristan mocks Matt, aka Geek/Dork, for begging for another interview

17:30 Tate & Tristan mocks Matt again, aka Geek/dork, for desperately standing outside waiting for another interview

18:18 Tate plays games with Matt, to get him to give up the chocolate for no interview

19:49 Mariah Carey - Obsessed

20:09 Tate thinks of things to do other than the interview

20:42 Tate & Tristan mocks a DNG, aka Matt - Bro has been waiting for 45 minutes outside Tate's house.

23:13 Tristan doesn't feel sorry for Matt

23:51 Matt calls again

24:10 Tate continues to play game with Matt

24:43 Tate: "No, no, no, you don't make the rules around here, young man", then demands the chocolates

24:56 Tate and Tristan mocks Matt again

25:39 Mariah Carey - Obsessed

26:36 Tate and Tristan continue to mock Matt again

28:25 Tate refuses to let Matt poison him with his geekiness

29:34 Alex speaks to Matt again

30:20 Alex speaks to Tate

30:38 Mariah Carey - Obsessed

31:03 Alex speaks to Matt again

33:03 Let the phone-ringing games begin!

33:56 Tate finally decides to answer

35:30 Tate hangs up, and he and Tristan continue to mock Matt again

35:39 Matt fails to realize that he's been checkmated

36:06 Pathetic & desperate!

36:31 Matt makes another attempt with Tate, to get an interview in exchange for chocolates 🍫

38:08 Matt thinks that the BBC will send him to do an interview with Tate, instead of sending someone else

38:33 Matt attempts to persuade Tate to do the interview

41:06 Tate ends the conversation after verbally giving his statement on what Matt's options are

41:09 Where's your private jet?

41:30 Matt still begs for an interview with Tate

42:18 Conversation finally ends for good, plus the mocking starts again

42:37 VICE headed for bankruptcy??!
Any dishonest journalist who manipulates interviews or creates misleading content in general at the expense of others deserves this kind of treatment.
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(8th May 2023, 4:52 PM)JEEJAYEM Wrote: Any dishonest journalist who manipulates interviews or creates misleading content in general at the expense of others deserves this kind of treatment.

Facts! Matt knew exactly what he was doing, during that first interview with Vice. He's been clearly and utterly programmed by the matrix to expose Andrew Tate, so that he and his brother can remain in jail for a long time. I'd like to see him fight Tate and Tristan in the War Room cage; they'd beat his ass lol.
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