PRDTA World Cup 2018
So basically reposting this from the other forums:

Platform Racing Deathmatch Tournament Association is organizing a deathmatch World Cup for PR3 in 2018.

It will be a 3v3 tournament consisting of nations. If a team cannot get 3 players, they can play as a smaller team handicap. Back-up players are also allowed (up to a maximum of 5). Before the actual tournament, friendlies will also be organized. You must be from the specific nationality to participate. Certain levels will be used for deathmatches, and a country will
be picked to host the World Cup.
Qualifiers will  take place! It is required that each team has a member to make a deathmatch level to play home games, just following these simple rules:

1. The deathmatch level cannot have half of it rigged for the home team.
2. It cannot be too small or too big.
3. It should have as many item blocks as possible.
4. When placing start points for the team, the team must all start together, not spaced out.
5. The deathmatch level may not be a troll level.
6. The PRDTA has recognized that the amount of lives each team must have per player is 6.

Important news! We have made the rule that if a team with let's say 3 players shows up against a team with 1 or 2 players, then the match will have to be re-balanced, so the team with 3 players can only use 1 player if the other team has just 1 player. Unless the smaller team agrees to play more people, this is how it will be.

If you would like to join you can PM masteric on PR3, the forums or post here on this thread. You must be in the Discord to participate. Discord link is below.

If posting here, provide nationality and PR3 username. Thank you!

Current Sign-Up Sheet at this point:

1. Croatia [Guest aka RacerToni] 1/3
2. Poland [superguy0173] 1/3
3. Italy [Tib] 1/3
4. Spain [Tungster] 1/3
5. United States [FlashRock25] 1/3
6. Argentina [Tobi66677 and Logan66677] 2/3
7. United Kingdom [ThePizzaEater1000] 1/3

Scoring: 3 points for a win, no points for a loss. If, somehow, both teams die at the same time (it is possible) then a draw will be awarded and 1 point to both teams. If there was a group stage for example and two teams had 3 points each, then the team with the better margin of victory would be ahead (e.g. team with 6 lives left defeating team is better than a team with 3 lives left defeating a team) If a team with, let's say, 2 members alive wins, then the lives of those 2 members is the average for margin of victory (e.g. Player 1 with one life left and Player 2 with three lives left after defeating another team, their margin of victory is two lives).

Official PRDTA WC Discord (You must be in the Discord in order to play): 

Referees: masteric (accepting referees at this point).

If you want more information, you can ask me at any time.  Smile

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