JV Historical Reference Guide
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This is the historical reference guide of Jiggmin's Village. Because this community is basically a continuation of JV, it's still relevant.

This thread contains a lot of dead links and other things that no longer apply. I'll work on removing them or replacing them by archive links.

If I can recover any of the other guides, I'll post them in this thread. They don't need separate threads, because they're more for historical purposes than anything else. I will reserve a few posts for that.

This guide was originally written by http://jiggmin.com/members/224-JoMan112JoMan112, who has since left. After he left, it was taken over by Bill Cosby (also known as Ievory), but this guide had gone a long time without updating and Ievory hadn't logged in for a few months, meaning that a new thread was needed again. Ringstaart had taken care of this thread through AF (Acid Forums). I thought I would bring this to JV2 because the history is something that's pretty sweet to read up on.

Please note that this guide is incomplete. If you think it's missing something, it probably is, so please post about it in the thread.

I joined JV after the old thread was last updated, so I wasn't actually there for many of the events in this thread. There will be placeholders. If you can supply information about them, please post it and I'll add it and give you a mention.

A history of memes and fads on Jiggmin.com (of which there have been a lot) can be found here (dead link).

A history of the moderators of Platform Racing 2 can be found here. This does not include the difference between the ranks of game moderator and forum moderator, however.

The original threads can be found here and here.

If I leave or am unable to continue this thread for some reason, feel free to remake it, if you're somewhat active and willing to spend time on it.


JoMan112's part starts here. Any reference to the writer refers to JoMan112.

It should be noted that most of the following material was written several years ago. The opinions expressed here are solely those of the individuals providing them and may not continue to reflect those providers' opinions at the present time.

Jiggmin.com is a great community, and it has an epic history as well. Sometimes you newer members may see some of the Ultimate Users joking or ranting about people or events, or just mentioning them. You, as a newer villager, very likely will not know what we're talking about... But you will now! Alright, let us start from the beginning. (Get ready for an extremely long post)

Jiggmin2 (the old Jiggmin.com, the old forum, the Veteran forum) - Only serious veterans of JV would know about this one. This used to be the location of the Jiggmin.com forum. But this was a VERY simple bulletin board. Jiggmin didn't even have vBulletin yet. Right now, if you go to http://www.jiggmin2.com/ the link now leads to an official forum named 'JV Revival' or 'JV2'. This forum was created by @bls1999 and @Eternal.

Blindi - The first real attacker of Jiggmin's Village. Blindi's profile used to be found at http://jiggmin.com/forum/member.php?u=622, but it can no longer be accessed. Joining October 25th, 2008, Blindi seemed cool at first. Though after a couple postings, Blindi introduced our forum to the F-bomb. No one had ever swore in JV, as far as I know, before Blindi did. He is the entire reason Jiggmin added word censors. Swearing, flaming, spamming like heck and the mods didn't do a thing about it. Eventually, he was banned forever. Then his dynamic IP kicked in. He made several spamming accounts, and eventually he created HahahahahaH. After a VERY long period of him getting away with everything, the moderators finally banned HaH. But as you can see it was not forever, HaH is now unbanned. He had made many accounts obviously ban evasively - BlindiTroll, Troll, StopIt, Seriously, Unbannable, all just to annoy us. Well, it worked. None of Blindi's posts are on record nor can they be restored because of a certain happening mentioned later.

Forseti - iAeg in Platform Racing 2 - was chosen as a Permanent Moderator. He was a good Moderator, too. Until the Administrators found out iAeg shared his password with somebody else. The Super Moderators at that time - Melanie, b@by*G, and e46m3 - demodded and banned him immediately without consent from Jiggmin. But Super Moderators can't demod a forum moderator. So Forseti was still a forum mod. This is the worst mistake the S-mods could have ever made. Guess what he did? He completely trashed Jiggmin.com as we knew it. First, he started out banning random people for no reason. These people were unbanned, but not after Forseti finished his job. He PRUNED (erased) EVERY SINGLE TOPIC FROM EVERY SINGLE FORUM!!!!!! Many very good posts were lost. But why did he do it? This conversation between Fors and B.B Kitty tells all. Click here for picture (warning: swear). His profile can be found here. Forseti is now a rarely active member.

SavsAwesomeClub (Savs, Troll Chat) - The infamous xat chat created by a former member of JV, SavGurl101. It used to be a great chat, had good conversations and was crowded on weekends but it has hence turned to the dark side... SavGurl101, XPA!, bud.smoker, Forseti, and many others used to hang out there, but the chat is gone now. I would provide you with the link to her profile, but it is basically gone. Ah well, I'll provide you with it anyways. http://jiggmin.com/forum/member.php?u=22

The Renovation - This is the forum layout that came before the one that you look upon currently. Before, the skin was the simple default vBulletin skin, there were no thanks, no customization of profiles, and no blogs. Many other new things were added with this. The Jiggmin forum was down for a period while Jiggmin uploaded the new forum. When it was back online, everyone was very happy, except for the fact that Jiggmin somehow deleted all our posts pruned by Forseti. Some people got a big chunk taken out of their post count. NF*NARUTO lost about 7,000. I personally lost about 1,400.

The UnknownAX Disaster (The AX Disaster, MelUAX, The Clam Mistake) - Possibly our worst disaster to date, UnknownAX devised this madness. First, he released, on May 6, 2009, something called The Clam. It was a Platform Racing 2 hacked client. About 60 people including some moderators went on it. It was closed after 12 hours. A while afterwards, UAX made a thread telling everybody to report to the Isabel PR2 server at 4:00 PST. Simply having said "You won't regret it" a lot of people came. UAX said "brb" and left Isabel. Next thing anyone knew, Melanie was in Derron on a Perma-Mod Making spree! Perhaps hundreds of members were made permanent Moderators. It could be estimated that about three were taking their jobs seriously. After that, everybody was getting banned for 5 years for having a "retarded nickname". Come to find out later, UAX had used a keylogger (which, by the way, are illegal) to capture Melanie's password. It must've been the same on JV, because of course soon UAX had control of the Super Moderator Melanie's forum account. He was swearing in all the threads, put porn as Melanie's avatar and put it all over her profile. And, yep, you guessed it, AX saw an opportunity to top Forseti and took it. All of the threads were pruned besides stickies. However, for some strange reason, just like Foseti, none of us lost post count... UAX also gave several members over 4 million thanks, which had to be reduced to zero. Some members were sad about that. But why did he do it? UnknownAX says: "I did it to teach you guys a lesson. Nothing is unhackable, not even PR2. And mods and admins should never go on that kind of thing. If mods are irresponsible, things like this can and will happen." That's not a direct quote but that's sorta what he said. Jiggmin was able to demod all the perma moderators (and the admins had to remod the ones that were supposed to be mods) and shut down all PR2's servers for a time. The Melanie accounts were banned until she could get a new password. She used another account, "melanie_01_girl" to apologize and say she was leaving. She came back briefly as an inactive admin but has since retired and given up S-mod status.

walker9 (Lord Walker, Failure of JV, Walking Facepalm) - walker9 was perhaps the most odd person ever to register on Jiggmin's Village. He had very poor grammar and never seemed to understand anything. None of his posts were ever very relevant, and he really only made one good thread, which was about basketball. His most memorable thread of all was him asking for Fred The Giant Cactus (who, at the time, was a robot programmed by Jiggmin to add Games onto the website and create threads in a hidden section where the members could add comments for the games) to be banned. Eventually, walker9 was banned forever for being a general pest, but he later came back on a different name, sr27, and did basically the same thing. At first denying he was walker9 and saying walker9 was his cousin, he finally admitted it and was banned for ban evasion.

JVclub (JVC) - The Official Unofficial chatroom for JV and PR2. Can be found at http://xat.com/JVclub. Created by Artasmas. It is the reincarnation of the older xat, xat.com/JiggminVillage, which is now dead. Lots of things happen there, and has been the result of more than one meme. There's never a dull moment in JVclub, where the sun never shines and the minions come out to play. Includes a playlist with music, PR2, and good rules to keep the chat safe and under control. The staff carry out the rules very well. 
JVC has since been closed by Artasmas, and a new chat was made available. It was much more relaxed as far as rules went, and you could pretty much say whatever you wanted. It could be found at http://xat.com/JVklub. This chat has since been closed too.
The most comparable chat that currently exists is acidchat, which can be found at http://acidch.at/.

brianx - Turns out, there were bad people before Blindi! brianx was the hype in July, he pretending to be moderators to get their passwords. At first he was a normal member, not so many posts, kind of a suck-up. A conversation between him and Smithsonian said he'd do anything to become a mod, though. So he made an alt named skill, and in bad grammar, impersonated skillz and explained how he "lost his password" and would like it back. He also tried to impersonate Melanie and ellie using the same message, then two weeks later Jonathan banned him for trying to get the mods' passwords. 

Thanks to Chimpy for the information about brianx.

The Macroing of '09 - The blame is put on Zythar, but it could have been anybody. The day before Halloween '09, somebody was macroing people's profile visits to a ridiculous amount. Macroing is a very large run-time demanding task. Jiggmin's Village was extremely slow the entire day and was giving out Database Errors now and then. Finally Jiggmin came and the forum was shut down for a few minutes. The forum was then off and on with slowness and normality. Everything was fixed by the end of the day but it sure pissed a lot of people off.

Ghost Blogs - They're there, or are they? Danob545 claims to have originally discovered this vBulletin feature, but it began being a problem after a user named NatFankept a ghost blog on the list for a few days. But what is a ghost blog? Ghost blogs are blogs that are seen on the newest blogs list on the Top 5 Stats but not on the blog homepage. They clutter the Latest Blogs on the Top 5 Stats and actual blogs cannot be seen from that list. This is a very simple process that nobody understood, however, until I found the secret and made a few ghost blogs myself. Artasmas found it next. People were mad at us initially, and 1python64 took action against us. Artasmas was given an infraction and I was banned for like a month but Artasmas negotiated with Python to lift my ban. Recently Artasmas posted a thread describing in detail with pictures how to make them, simply because he was bored. This caused a huge uproar, numerous members were creating them and several threads and even some groups were created. This went on for some time until the first user, askRYAN, was banned for excessive ghostblogging. We think Jiggmin then tried to manually delete the ghost blogs, as they cannot be deleted except by the poster or until they are un-ghosted. The red outline on this picture indicates the ghost blogs. Jiggmin even created one as a test, also he went on his alternate account Jacob and created one. There are only the ghost blogs created by AskRYAN, one by Tyroan, and the two by Jiggmin. There used to be a whole lot but users took them down when it was announced they were a bannable offense. They are called ghost blogs because they cannot be viewed. When clicked, this error is shown. The fad has died out and Jiggmin has found a way to delete the ghost blogs.

JV 4.0 (The Second Renovation, JVvB4) - The fourth time the style of the forum has been entirely revamped coincides with Jiggmin's switch to vBulletin Version 4. Following its release, many members wondered if Jiggmin would ever begin using it. Eventually, he opened a test forum which used vB4, which he failed to make any moderators on and didn't moderate himself. When he announced it to the members, many people went to check it out. After the initial craze died down and less people were getting on it, it started getting spammed a lot. There were also no swear filters so you can guess how that turned out. After a couple weeks of it being up, Jiggmin closed the test forum. A while after that, Jiggmin finally installed vB4 on Jiggmin.com, resulting in an entirely new look for the forums. Some time afterwards, Jiggmin enabled users the power to change their own usernames once every 30 days. This resulted in a lot of changed usernames and confused members over who's who, so ,CARLOS created the Post your new username ITT thread (Now ran by aaaaaa123456789), in which he kept a log of people's old and new usernames. The trend of username changes has since died down, but there are still many users who change theirs regularly and Jiggmin has shown no intent to remove the feature, so it is a reasonable assumption that this will continue. The "Post your new username ITT" thread is no longer used since the addition of the Username History tab on people's profiles.

Emerald - Emerald, formerly known as B.B Kitty, Odori-Chan and many other names, and currently known as Arella, was popular on the forums for having been permanently banned. The initial ban was for insulting another member, but after ban evasion it was extended to a permaban. She, thinking she had nothing to lose, made a considerable amount of alt accounts and continued to ban evade repeatedly for some time. Eventually she stopped, and many people wanted her to be unbanned but due to the massive amount of evasion she did the staff was quite against the notion. Much much much later, in 2011, she was finally given a second chance. If she could show that she meant no harm and only wanted to be a contributing member of the community, she could stay. So she got to post unbanned for some time, but then soon enough stirred up trouble again. Her intentions in this were much debated, but she was once again permanently banned for the reason of posting someone's full name in a thread without that user's permission. This action was vigorously protested by the members but the staff stated that the action was fair and that she was on a probationary period -- a very short leash -- and that any one broken rule would have her permabanned again, which it did - even though that rule is stated as only punishable by a Warning in the rules. The topic of her ban continued to be regularly brought up and dismissed, brought up and dismissed, again and again. She eventually became not banned due to an event detailed later.

The chris0 Crisis (Chaos Emerald, The Great Rebellion) - First it is necessary to note a certain rule of the forums that is in place, which dictates that users of the forums are not allowed to publicly discuss moderator actions. This is an unpopular rule amongst members but one that has remained in place. Note: Due to a change in the rules, it is debatable whether that rule is still in place or not. The chris0 Crisis began on the 18th of June, 2011, when staff locked and unstickied a thread in which users made suggestions of how to change the moderation of the site. At that time, a heated debate between Rammjet, who was backed up by a few other members, and the mods was happening over the subject of Emerald's ban. The thread was closed under the reasoning that there was no need to take any more suggestions publicly and if any user had a problem or felt like their or someone else's suggestion had gone unnoticed, they could PM a staff member. Shortly after the thread was closed, a thread popped up "suggesting" that they reopen it. When the staff declined to do so, things got dirty. chris0 wrote a rant in a blog about it, which was deleted and chris0 was infracted. Dozens of threads and blogs popped up one after another about the situation, each of which was quickly deleted. Some members, feeling oppressed and silenced, conspired to overthrow the administration and have the first real revolution of JV. Chain PMs about just such a thing were being spread around, and a full-scale rebellion began, causing much bitterness between the members and the mods. Many people complained about the "no discussing mod actions" rule, which was the basis under which the staff was deleting all the threads and blogs. After chris0 was banned for a week, many members decided to follow suit as an action against the mods and requested week bans themselves. After over 10 users were week banned by request because of this, the ability to request a ban for oneself was removed, as shown by this blog from ASilva93 (click here). Some members proceeded to believe that some staff members were corrupt. Later that day, the forums were flooded by the concise yet meaningful message: "Purr cot is an anagram of corrupt." As can be seen in this image (click here), the forums were definitely out of control when the mods were gone. This continued into the next day, during which Silverrida posted a very long and thoughtful thread about what was happening, why it was happening and how we could fix it. When it was almost immediately deleted, he reposted it, and it was deleted again, and after a few more repostings he was infracted and eventually banned for a day for spamming threads. A few users, seeing this, decided this was unfair and reposted the thread themselves until they were also banned or infracted to the point where they could no longer repost it. The drama eventually somewhat died down, but tensions between members and moderators were still high.

The First Annual Leniency Day - On the 20th of June, 2011, two days after the rebellion started, Jiggmin announced in this thread (click here) the "First Annual Leniency Day," which he "did not plan to do every year, but it just sounded cool." Everyone who was currently banned was given the status of "Not Banned" in which they were unbanned but limited. They could post, but all their posts had to be approved by a moderator before appearing, outside of Village Games (in which the Not Banned users could post freely). If they could stay out of trouble for a month, then they would be given regular member status. It is unknown whether or not the rebellion caused this goodness, although the mod team denies it. It relieved much of the tension between moderators and members, and made a lot of people happy that old popular banned members such as Emerald and walker9 could return. 

FreeRice - FreeRice is a website where you answer questions to donate rice to people in different countries. In July 2011 Killer XYZ made a Team Jiggmin for FreeRice, and it grew incredibly popular; enough to have it's own section. Although on October 1, 2011 the group was deleted, as shown here. Since that a new one has been made, but it isn't nearly as popular.

The Swearing Rule - Ever since the beginning of this forum, almost every swear has been censored. On March 2012 an announcement was posted, making sure everyone knew which words were not allowed (which included the ones that weren't censored out, like asshole.) Some of the members didn't agree with a few words that weren't allowed, like idiot. So Clifford made a thread discussing the list, which has since been (auto-)deleted, and Jiggmin decided to try an experiment. For a week, all swear censors were gone, and members could post swears freely as long as it wasn't towards another member. The experiment was a huge success, and all words became uncensored except four; which includes the f bomb. The thread can be found here. Later on, a fifth word was censored - it starts with an f and could be considered offensive to homosexual people.

The Virus - July 11 2012 was a day of minor panic on JV as a virus by unknown means had infected all pages of the site. Users would be asked to give Java permission to run on the site and, if they accepted, would be redirected to a Russian site which then redirected to a .tk domain which would give them a virus - an infected file named "hkpo.exe" would appear on the victim's PC. A significant amount of people were infected, and web browsers such as Chrome gave a warning that the site was infected by malware. An announcement was posted by aaaaaa123456789 warning people of the infection, and though there were a few methods found to avoid getting the virus, the simplest being to switch the forum theme to vB4 Default and others such as blocking the Russian site with Adblock or changing proxy settings, many members decided to simply stay off of JV for the day. By the next day, Jiggmin had it all fixed and aaaaaa123456789 posted a new announcement saying so and advising everyone to run a virus scan on their PC just in case if they had visited the site while it was infected. As of the time of writing, Jiggmin has not made any comment on the cause of the infection.

COPPA (13+ Rule) - On May 17 2012, a thread was made discussing COPPA, which is an internet law regarding the online safety of children 12 and under. This thread has since been (auto-)deleted. After discussion, Jiggmin has decided to act upon COPPA and ban users under the age of 13. Many people frown upon the new rule, due to the fact that some great members are gone. Others, however, look kindly upon the new rule, as immature members are now no longer with us. 

Thanks to N e R for the paragraph about the 13+ rule.

The new guide starts here.

Hero of the Week - A contest that was originally created by VforVendetta, and is now hosted by Hipponator. Every week, a member is selected to be that week's Hero, and gets access to a forum section called Hero's Peak, where the voting for the next Hero of the Week happens, along with some other activities. Heroes also get temporary access to the Shadow Council of Nine (which I will talk about later on), although this will most likely change in the future. There is also another section, called "Hero's Court", where certain Heroes of the Week run the internal management and rule discussion of the contest. This thread gives more information about the contest.

Dangevin's hacking - In April 2013, a moderator got keylogged on Platform Racing 2 (again!). This time, the victim was Dangevin, a trial moderator. His account was hijacked by someone called carmichael1197, who pretended to be UnknownAX. After a lot of bans, Dangevin was finally demoted on Platform Racing 2, and later demoted on JV, as explained by Jiggmin in the following PM:

Jiggmin Wrote: Wrote:Hi Dangevin,

It sucks to say, but keeping mod accounts secure is a pretty big deal. I can't let you be a moderator in the future.

Thank you for being an upstanding member of our community. The proof that people really do appreciate you is in your HotW award. Sorry for being so harsh. 

- Jacob

Dangevin was later re-modded, and is currently a game moderator. While this was not nearly as big an event as the UnknownAX disaster, it still caused a lot of discussion.

VforVendetta's Rise and Downfall - Live2Die was a well-liked member who eventually got modded and was a popular moderator after that. After some more time, he was made a Super Moderator. Six months later, he changed his name to VforVendetta, after the movie V for Vendetta. During his time as a Super Moderator, he slowly became more authoritarian and less well-liked. He was criticized for being quick to give infractions and bans or lock threads. April first, 2013, something happened that caused a lot of commotion. He changed his name and avatar to Jiggmin's (which made him indistinguishable at sight, because his name had the same color), and pretended to be him in several places. This didn't go down well, because this kind of impersonation was strictly forbidden for members. VforVendetta later changed back to his old name, and did not get any punishment as a result.

A while after the events detailed above, VforVendetta was promoted to Community Manager. In this position, he was essentially promoted above the other Super Moderators; they couldn't veto anything he did, and he could change rules if he wanted to. He also started hosting several events and systems on Platform Racing 2, as part of his job. He did, in fact, get paid for his position.
Later on, a chain of events started that caused a lot of drama and bans, and ultimately got VforVendetta demoted. ProClifo posted a thread in the Discussion Hall Should members be able to discuss moderators? This thread ran fine for a while, until VforVendetta saw it and moved it to Ask a Mod (in order to effectively hide it from view). He did this because of the very rule the thread was discussing, and because the thread would, according to him, only stir up drama. ProClifo made a few blog entries about the thread, which got him banned. In a conversation in Ask a Mod, ProClifo tried to get VforVendetta to re-open the thread, arguing that the rule against discussing moderator actions applied to discussion of specific actions, while ProClifo's thread handled a general rule rather than a specific action.
As you might realize by now, protest about ProClifo's ban ended in an infraction or ban, and protests about those punishments led to the same. This chain reaction stirred up more and more drama, leading to the banning of a very large amount of members. Finally, Jiggmin unbanned all the banned members (including a lot of people who got banned before, for unrelated reasons), removed all current and past infractions, demoted all the Super Moderators to Moderators (although he later reversed that), fired VforVendetta as a Community Manager, and created the Shadow Council of Nine. VforVendetta himself unbanned all permanently banned people he could find, for unclear reasons.

A thread giving more information about the VforVendetta business can be found here.

Shadow Council of Nine - To promote communication between the members and Jiggmin, Jiggmin created the Shadow Council of Nine. The Shadow Council of Nine consists of the nine latest Heroes of the Week, who are marked with golden names. They get some nifty perks, such as unlimited username changes, but most importantly, they can post in the Shadow Council of Nine section. In this section, they can directly ask questions to Jiggmin and request actions to be taken. One of the first actions that the council took was the demotion of VforVendetta to a normal member. More information about this section can be found here.

Mr. Grim's modding - After the business just described, Jiggmin got a lot more open to suggestions. So open, in fact, that he accepted a moderator application by Mr. Grim (who originally hosted the Painter of the Week contest), without even running it through the admin beach first. This move got Jiggmin (and Mr. Grim, to a lesser extent) a lot of criticism, both from members and from moderators. A major point of critique from the moderators was allowing Mr. Grim to view the Mod Hut. Mr. Grim was promoted to a trial moderator for two weeks, after which he would either be promoted to a permanent moderator or demoted. He didn't do too well as a moderator, and he soon left JV. Jiggmin hasn't accepted any mod applications in that way since.

Flood of contests - Over the course of 2013, a trend started - a trend of making contests. Hero of the Week had been running for a while when Level of the Week was made, and later Painter of the Week. These contests were assigned PR2 part prizes, and were very successful. This inspired a lot of other contests, some of which were successful while others weren't. In the end, an official contest system was set up, which allows people to submit their contest, ask moderators for approval, and when received, get an official part prize in Platform Racing 2. On November 19, Jiggmin added two new forum sections dedicated to the running of contests: The Ballot Box and the Longtable, both in the Firelight Tavern forum. The Longtable is dedicated to discussion about contests, the Ballot Box to voting. Only people who run official contests, and the judges of those contests, are allowed in. A lot of contests are running now, and they are not likely to disappear any time soon.

gtfo_my_nuts - On September 2 2013, a mystery admin suddenly appeared, called "gtfo_my_nuts". His account was deleted after a few minutes, most likely by himself, and he didn't make any noticeable change to the forum, although he spent some time in the Admin Control Panel. A bit later on, the same thing happened with an account named TH3H4CK. TH3H4CK actually made about ten admin accounts, all with the same name, as can be seen here. The gtfo_my_nuts business happened on several other vBulletin forums, with the name gtfo_my_nuts. A thread documenting the discovery can be found here.

SCoN Leak - When Jiggmin was messing around with permissions for different usergroups, he accidentally gave all Shadow Council of Nine members access to all the sections (including Admin Beach, which not even moderators are allowed to view), and then logged out. This did, naturally, result in a massive leak. One council member at the time, TheDoctor7, decided to go into the now open sections and take screenshots of as many threads as he could until the leak was fixed. He then leaked some of the images on another forum, called Republic of Voices, which had a lot of JVers on it. He didn't leak all of the images, because he didn't think that would be responsible, but he did leak some. They eventually made their way to JV (aided by Nero), as shown in this thread. Upon discovering it, the mods decided to (unexpectedly) take no action at all, as the images had already been leaked, meaning that censoring them would not have much of an effect. TheDoctor7 didn't receive any punishment either, since the only punishment for leaking information from the Mod Hut is a strike (or demodding) which doesn't really work on people who are not moderators. The leaked images can be viewed here, and are worth reading since they give some insight in JV's moderation:
(I have permission to post them here)

noob.txt - noob.txt was a controversial thread made on August 31, 2012 by GamerProist, based on a file maintained by delicious french cuisine. It was basically a collection of nooby (and because of that, funny) things people said, mostly in PR2, PR3 and JV. This thread was very popular, but it received a lot of critique for (allegedly) making fun of the people whose quotes were in the thread. After a discussion in the Mod Hut (the moderators were divided about it), they finally decided to delete the thread on December 26, 2012. A new version was later made, with the moderator's permission, but it was only allowed to include quotes from people who had given permission for their quote to be in it, and it was not nearly as successful. Meanwhile, the original collection of quotes is still going - they just aren't stored on JV any more. And the noob.txt phrases are still used often.

Infectious Obsessions - March 9, 2013, DD667 posted a suggestion in Discussion Hall to add a sports section to the Village. This got a lot of positive responses (and some negative ones), but no action was taken. A lot of the supporters didn't like that, so they decided to show Jiggmin that a sports section was really needed in a very clear way: by making as many sports threads in Discussion Hall as possible. The spam this caused was very annoying to a lot of people and still didn't accomplish anything in the end. It just died down.

Later, on July 22 2013, a (now declassified) discussion in the Shadow Council of Nine was created about the section. Later on, a voting thread was made, which got the motion approved, and resulted in the Infectious Obsessions section, for discussing sports and hobbies. It was fairly popular for a while, but is now almost dead.

Spam Bam Party Fan Over the history of JV, the idea of a spam section, purely dedicated to spam, has been brought up many times. In 2012, it was suggested again, and finally created by Jiggmin, who also made the posts in Village Games count for post counts. A lot of people, however, thought that the section was taking away from the quality of the village, so it was finally removed. All the threads from Spam Bam Party Fan were moved to Village Games, and Village Games posts no longer counted for post counts. This messed some stuff up, though. Many people had their post counts decreased quite a bit, for obvious reasons, but the forum seemed to be overdoing it - some people were actually left with 0 posts! Jiggmin had to create a new section, called "Temporary", move all the threads that had been moved around a lot there, make posts count, and then move them back to Village Games. This somehow fixed the post counts again, and Jiggmin then removed the "Temporary" section.

Thanks to Hipponator for the information.

Conquest - This was a bit of an unorthodox Jiggmin game. Unlike the rest of his games, which were Flash games, this game was specially made for the forum. There was a special section of the website dedicated to it, and it used the PM system. It was a game about war. You could join one of three sections: Sweden, the Soviet Union, and Atlantis, and could not switch once you had joined. Every player had a village with troops, weapons, armor, money, and spies. The game worked with turns. You could use turns to make money, get troops, get spies, and attack other villages. You could buy weapons and armor with money. Attacking another village let you kill their troops and steal their money. This game stopped working when Jiggmin switched to a new forum layout, so he remade it into War of the Web.

Thanks to AC25 for the information. He posted a more detailed explanation of the mechanics here.

JV's death - In August 2015, Jiggmin.com went offline, and only slowed a Cloudflare error page. It's unknown what happened exactly, but it happened after a long period of inactivity of Jiggmin. This forum was set up as a replacement.


Well, that's it for now! Do you think I'm missing anything, or did you spot a mistake? Post it in this thread, and I'll fix it as soon as possible.

Removed paragraphs

The following paragraphs were not thought important enough to stay, but they're kept here for historical purposes.

bud.smoker - bud's profile used to be found at http://jiggmin.com/forum/member.php?u=464, but just like Blindi's profile, it can no longer be accessed. bud is notorious for EPIC spam. bud was a great addition to the Village for quite some time, but on January 19 2009 bud.smoker, for a reason unknown to me, crossed to the dark side. He spammed something we call "Pain" all over JV, which entails all sorts of disgusting things I recommend you don't look up. And, of course, there were no Moderators on. Eventually, ellie came to save us. But bud.smoker was her friend. She didn't want to ban him. But she did. Forever. For wiping teh pr0nzzz on our forum. All bud's posts were deleted, but Jiggmin's Village was left with a lifetime scar.

c3Rchno (desert boy) - This minor disaster happened after the UAX incident. C3, once known as desert boy, was in JVclub. Mr. El X was repeatedly calling him desert boy, which he did not like. He told him to stop but El kept on and on and eventually c3 got really mad and decided to do a bud.smoker. He spammed the sick porn all over the forum. It was deleted pretty fast however and c3 was banned. You can find his profile here.

Red Jackdaw - Red Jackdaw was a PR2 moderator which led to his eventual modship on JV. He became known in the Jiggmin community by making such popular PR2 levels as "Questions" and others. He did a good job as a moderator on JV despite having to juggle it with modding PR2. Eventually, he was promoted to Super Moderator and many members praised him. He did not receive much hate at all and may in fact be one of the most loved JV staff members of all time. However, on the 20th of June 2011, he announced his retirement. He wrote quite a long thread in which he explained why he was retiring and made a few comments about the riot which had occurred the previous two days. The thread can be found here (click here). He is no longer a staff member.

Dutany - A very active member, extremely popular among the members. After 5 temps he became a game moderator, and many people believe that he was one of, if not the best game mod we ever had. A while he was told he would not be able to be a forum moderator because he had too many warnings. He retired shortly after that because he didn't want to mod in a place where he couldn't be himself. A while later Jiggmin made him a game mod again but he was demodded again for posting stuff from the mod hut he wasn't allowed to post. He is currently an active member.

JoMan112 - A JV veteran; he was quite popular on the forums and liked by many many people. In February 2012, however, he left due to unknown reasons. He's the one who made the original thread.

Zshadow - Zshadow is an ex-mod/super-mod. He was moderated as an initiative by Jiggmin. Jiggmin came, temped him on PR2, and after one temp he became a mod. He soon became a super moderator, presumably because the existing three were becoming less active and there was a need for another. Later, he became a Kongregate administrator. This, along with some real life issues, caused him to retire as a super moderator here on JV.

Jonathan (Jonny, Jon) - Jonathan used to be a Moderator. He also used to have a Smile next to his name but he changed that. He got mad at XPA! and all the mods because of what they do at Savs (explained later). The fuller story on Jon can be found in my blog here.

UnknownAX (UAX) - UnknownAX was the highest ranked person in Platform Racing 2, at rank 60. He got there by telling Jiggmin he found a vulnerability and then doing it to show Jiggmin it was possible. Jiggmin patched it and let UAX keep the über high rank as a reward.

Jestes - One of the original mods, Jestes was the mod that everybody liked, but then everybody stopped liking him and got him demodded. This happened when he said "Cool story, bro" in reply to a thread about a little girl dying. This caused a HUGE ruckus, a petition was made to demod him which included several screenshots of him acting un-moderator-ly. Eventually Jiggmin demodded him, and announced that he had been warned a few times before and was now demodded. He is now treated as a normal member.

Itaku - Another one of the original JV mods, he was exploited by Artasmas for doing very un-moderator-ly things such as teaching people how to hack OmgPop, a popular multiplayer gaming website, as well as trying to steal the beforementioned JVclub chat and ruin it, and other things. He was demodded, after which he got mad and tried to bring others, such as XPA! (another former moderator), down with him, the threads he made were only locked, and Itaku himself was banned.

JPMK- JPMK stands for James Patrick Michael Keenan. He was made a moderator around the time LCPD was modded. He was one of the best active mods, and living in England, he helped with the nighttime bad boys. He decided that he was going to quit so he made several spam-ish threads and then simply asked to be demodded. After which he officialized his retirement. He is back now, however.

LCPD - Perhaps one of the best mods JV has ever had. He unexpectedly left because he was going into college and just didn't have time anymore. A couple years or so after he retired, Jiggmin let him mod again, but later demodded him because Jiggmin didn't find it fair to mod him out of the blue. He is now a rarely active member.
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Stucketh! Great reference to have here.

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Nice to see, i wonder if it would be worth writing about the events when suuper and firebird first revealed their exploit
Probably should add JV2's creation, how Bls became admin and where we are rn.
(use my forum wars image for fun Wink )
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(25th December 2017, 3:40 PM)Kursed Wrote: (use my forum wars image for fun Wink )

Upon arrival in the afterlife, you see three things: a holy being, avocados, and that picture.

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two events more specific to pr2:

Travissimo - a mod somebody tried to get banned for hacking in game. There's two videos on youtube of him "hacking". The username was actually "Travissimo ". It happened in June 2011.

He‭TTo‭oBeaN - a programmer who wrote many cheats, bots and bots with calculators for pr2. He did it in 2009~2010, and was banned many times. There's a channel on youtube here.

I remember the COPPA ban wave being in 2013. It was on my birthday too.
>implying 9991 is a good number
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(26th December 2017, 2:46 AM)thefleebs Wrote: Travissimo - a mod banned (or demoted, probably banned) for hacking in game. It happened in June 2011. There's two videos on youtube of him hacking.

Dude all of that was fake, lol.
The hacker account 'Travissimo ' had a space in the username at the end.
(26th December 2017, 3:23 AM)Kursed Wrote: Dude all of that was fake, lol.
The hacker account 'Travissimo ' had a space in the username at the end.

Finally said something right/smart. (Sorry.)
Add the return of Jiggmin and Platform Racing 4 Announcement.
- Bluelightning

[Image: Signiture.png]
Gotta add these in (if they're worthy):

- First member to permanently get the Artifact hat for his account

- Almost all guilds, ATB levels and more were deleted by someone (I dont know any names for this one)

- PR2 Source Code was found after what it looked like all hope of ever updating the game was lost - 13 July 2016 is still lost :c
- -  Fred - -
Should also add how great I am tbh
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i personally think the shadow z incident deserves a certain spot in this list as it has made history over the past few months and still is being discussed intensively  Smile
yeah it's me, the guy you used to race with way way back
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It was Adak (Relokos). @Zelante

(21st February 2018, 7:16 AM)Zelante Wrote: - Almost all guilds, ATB levels and more were deleted by someone (I dont know any names for this one)
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(21st February 2018, 7:16 AM)Zelante Wrote: PR2 Source Code was found after what it looked like all hope of ever updating the game was lost - 13 July 2016

Gotta need some source on this one. Why wouldn't it be uploaded to the repo if it had been found?
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(8th March 2018, 9:01 PM)aaaaaa123456789 Wrote: Gotta need some source on this one. Why wouldn't it be uploaded to the repo if it had been found?

We asked Jiggmin, he still doesn’t have the source code Frown
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(8th March 2018, 9:01 PM)aaaaaa123456789 Wrote: Gotta need some source on this one. Why wouldn't it be uploaded to the repo if it had been found?

True. Just realised it would be posted there if he finds it.

(8th March 2018, 9:44 PM)Eternal Wrote: We asked Jiggmin, he still doesn’t have the source code Frown

Hm.. that's odd. Hopefully Jiggy remembers where it is Eek
- -  Fred - -
(9th March 2018, 8:19 PM)Zelante Wrote: Hm.. that's odd. Hopefully Jiggy remembers where it is Eek

Sadly I think it might be better to think it will never be recovered. :/
How is adak not on here
𝒮𝓉𝒶𝓎 𝒸𝑜𝑜𝓁,

(11th March 2018, 12:02 PM)Stunt Wrote: How is adak not on here


I post about the latest site updates on the Dev Log. If you have suggestions, feel free to post them here.
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Pretty sure #joel4mod made it on the original list. I feel like it was a brilliant uprising of the people.

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