PR2 Challenges with Rewards
this is my ideas for a in-game challenges 


The star next to the saved Loadouts is my idea of a Challenge button..


i decided to create a picture of what i want to see in the game, a whole challenge-log of challenges to complete that very from easy to impossible 

i really do not have any ideas for rewards, but free temporary Valt of Magics items such as +1 rank token for an hour, happy hour, guild de invisible, and guild de fred.

this is what i want the monthly challenges to be like: 

keep the epic part fresh and keep switching out a new one every month and make a few new sets exclusive just for the monthly challenges. 
i made the monthly challenge examples a bit high but in one month of playing it all adds up.

tell me what you all think of my idea and ask any questions if needed

what are some of your challenges that you think that should be in this?
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we have new set ideas...
really like the idea!
[Image: YBe1Sjy.png]
This is awesome
it'll give incentive to keep coming back and works well to be able to slot new sets in

and the challenges can be made in difficulties such as
Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert
or something like that
I like this a lot. Like, a lot.

I had a general idea in this ballpark but I really like the visuals and explanations you made.

I post about the latest site updates on the Dev Log. If you have suggestions, feel free to post them here.
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I Really like odd challenges and the ones that tally up a score like earn 9000000 exp. cool idea there can be a large variety of ideas for challenges for stuff like making levels. It would fun to get awards for that! And its a great way to give exclusive prizes. Tho I think some of the large monthly challenges should be a permanent challenge like 2, 3 and maybe 5

Also i thought up of some challenge ideas:
win mario bros remix with 4 exp hats
This one might be a stretch but the concept could be used for other maps: blow up every bomb in mario bros remix
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Still think this should be a thing
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(10th April 2020, 8:25 AM)Al Jolson Wrote: Still think this should be a thing

For sure
Bumping my suggestions because pls bls
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I like the idea of having three daily challenges so there's more of an incentive to log in each day, rather than just the Welcome Back Bonus.
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This would definitely keep things interesting c:

You have my support, this would be fun. ^^
It would bring back people to play more too, I like this!
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