PR2 v164: Blocks of Options
PR2 v164: Blocks of Options

This update contains a significant new game mechanic, a new block, and some bug fixes.

- The object deletion button in the LE is a lot cleaner now. The "X" no longer extends past the bounds of the button.
- The LE testing mode stats sliders now update when a stat block is bumped. They also reset to your saved stats when you restart or the next time you test.
- Players can now see their stats in-game. They appear under the course timer. Mousing over the stats display will show a small pop-up.
- BLOCK OPTIONS!!! Certain blocks now have things called block options, which are basically block-specific settings. You can access the block options menu for blocks that have them using this button. These currently include stat blocks and item blocks.
- CUSTOM ITEM BLOCKS!!! As mentioned above, block options are enabled for all item blocks. It's been a long time coming. Thanks for the suggestion, @Odin0030!
- NEW BLOCK!!! There's a new block called a Custom Stats Block. It looks like this. Players that bump this block will have their stats set to what you specify (default is 50-50-50, changeable via block options). You can also set it to reset the stats of the player back to those with which they started the course.

- An issue with move blocks has been solved. This is weirdly technical and regular players didn't see it, but it kinda annoyed beta testers for a bit. Thanks to @Eternal for the report!
- The slight speed boost given with the santa hat no longer disappears after a speed burst expires or a stat-modifying block is hit. Thanks for the report, @bi3liu!
- Rotating and restarting when testing your level doesn't break things anymore. This change goes with a few other tweaks to the restart procedure to make it more stable (e.g., resetting stats, clearing the current item, etc). Thanks for reporting this, @bart172!

(In case you missed it)
- Temporary parts and rank tokens now expire as intended. Thanks to @Colind for reporting this!
- Level searching has been greatly improved. Thanks to @Dexterity for outlining this for me!
- A bunch of epic upgrades not previously obtainable have been made obtainable. Read more about it here!

Here's the Motley Monday episode for this update!

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Finally, I can put lightning at the end of Baloon Towder Defence
i failed the mario twitter challenge
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a great many level design possibilities this does open up 🤔
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cool, finally some substantial additions!
now add art selection please uwu
[Image: aGf8Xvh.png]
add lua blocks
i failed the mario twitter challenge
It's 13 years later, but we finally achieved a true Capture the Flag level.

[Image: 86a9cb6de05df54d81282b5b9a669ba3.png]
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This is an absolute godsend, especially the custom item blocks. There are several of my adventure levels that seriously needed this (especially my Celeste 1a and Undertale recreation)!
Thank you so much, bls1999!
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