[PR2 Bug] Level Editor Spring Cleaning
The janitor must have missed a few spots, because there are some little bugs running around creating a mess in the Level Editor.

1. Background Color not getting set when loading a level
When you open Level Editor and load a level, the background color selector does not reflect the color applied to the level.
Clicking on the color selector and pressing Cancel applies the selected color.

Video: https://www.sendvid.com/swhki14n

2. Layer filter incorrectly applied when loading a level
Selecting a certain layer (e.g. Blocks, Art 1, Art 2 etc.) applies a filter to reduce the visibility of objects that are not in the selected layer.
If you select a tab from Art 00 to Art 3 and then select either the BG or Settings tab before loading a level, the BG/Settings tab will be selected, but the filter from the prior tab will be applied.

    1. Select Art 2 tab
    2. Select Settings tab
    3. Load level
Expected: The Settings tab is selected and all objects are fully visible.
Actual: The Settings tab is selected, but only Art 2 objects are shown with full visibility.

Video: https://www.sendvid.com/qr7l94qw

3. Random music option is not selected by default
The music selector just shows a random song when you open it instead of being pre-set to the Random option.
Selecting the same option as the one that is shown does not apply it.
But saving the level still saves the music as Random.

Video: https://www.sendvid.com/0qrbeabu
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