PR2 v168.1: Musical Profiles
PR2 v168.1: Musical Profiles

This update contains some quality-of-life changes, new features, and minor bug fixes.

- Community Ambassadors now have their own user group. They will have a bright orange name with the group "Community Ambassador" showing on their player popup.
- Special accounts now have the Fred color. Fred/Sir/Clint now all have the bright green name.
- There is now support for user icons on the player popup. See the links at the end of this thread for more information on two different icons added in this update.
- New player popup format! To accommodate all the new information shown, the player popup has been slightly redesigned.
- NEW SONGS! There are two new songs, check them out! Thanks to @Adulock77 and @Dangevin for your submissions of Sunset Raiders and Pasture (Instrumental)!

- Positioning of all the mod/admin menus on the player popups has been refined. Hooray for things being neatly centered.
- The "Server Owner" group now shows on their profile regardless of if they're offline. Part 2 of the same bug, solved!
- Mods can no longer ban each other. Turns out this has been possible since March 2021! Yikes.

Technical Changes (Server)
- Accounts can no longer be logged in simultaneously on separate servers. This change is to protect account data. Logging into another server simultaneously can cause newly won prizes and EXP to be overwritten.

(New icons are in PR2! Click each for more information.)

- [Image: hof.svg] Hall of Fame: used to identify players that have been inducted into the Hall of Fame for their exceptional talent and dedication to the PR2 and Jiggmin community.
- [Image: verified.svg] Verified: used to identify notable and prominent accounts in the community.

Many of the changes in this update were made in collaboration with your Community Ambassadors, @Camer the Dragon and @Stunt. A huge thank you to them for their awesome engagement!

I post about the latest site updates on the Dev Log. If you have suggestions, feel free to post them here.
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Curious to see what the refined mod tools look like
I still can't believe it :O From the bottom of my heart, thank you Ben!
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